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Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Faculty of Law offers two Bachelor’s Degree study programs - Law and Law and Management. These programmes include a wide spectrum of disciplines which are studied and which make up the fundamentals of a higher education in Law. Students take courses in Lithuanian and Foreign Countries Legal History, Roman Private Law, Theory of Law, Philosophy of Law, European Union Law, Main Material and Procedure Law Branches. Aside from the legal disciplines, students also take Philosophy, Latin and Foreign Languages, Logic, Political Science, Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry, etc.

Having completed these studies, graduates of both programs acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and can aspire to positions as lawyers, prosecutors, notaries and gain employment in various state institutions and the legal departments of private companies.

Master's Degree Programmes

Having completed Master’s Degree studies, a Master of Laws Degree is awarded, which aside from the aforementioned postions allows one to aspire to posts in the judiciary.

Master’s Degree studies are based on knowledge and skills acquired in Bachelor’s Degree studies, but direct students toward a deeper knowledge of a certain legal branch. Those studying for their Master’s Degree can choose from the following programmes:

  • Administrative Law;
  • Biolaw;
  • Business Law;
  • Criminal Law & Criminology;
  • Civil Justice; 
  • Civil Law;
  • European Business Law (also offered in ENG)
  • European Union Law (also offered in ENG);
  • European Union Law and Governance (ENG; in cooperation with the University of Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV (France));
  • Finance Law;
  • Insurance Law;
  • Intellectual Property Law;
  • International Law;
  • International Law (ENG; in cooperation with Ghent University (Belgium));
  • International Maritime Law;
  • International Protection of Human Rights (also offered in ENG);
  • Labour and Social Security Law;
  • Law and Management;
  • Parliamentary Law and State Institutions;
  • Transport Law.
 Address: Ateities g. 20, LT-08303
Room: V-243
Ph.: (370 5) (8 5) 271 4510
Email.: zvsf@mruni.eu
 Dean: prof. dr. Odeta Merfeldaitė
Room: V-242
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4520
Email.: o.merfeldaite@mruni.eu
 Vice-Dean (for Studies): prof. dr. Linas Selmistraitis
Room: V-241
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4529
Email.: selmistraitis@mruni.eu
 Vice-Dean (for Research): dr. Raminta Bardauskienė
Room: V-244
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4533
Email.: raminta@mruni.eu
 Vice-Dean (for International Relations and Projects): assoc. prof. dr. Jolanta Pivorienė
Room: V-244
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4533
Email.: jolantapiv@mruni.eu
 Dean Assistant (for Communication and Marketing): Rasa Vilnienė
Room: V-244
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4533
Email.: r.vilniene@mruni.eu
 Senior Manager: Liana Dalia Petronytė
Room: V-243
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4510
Mobile ph.: +370 659 73272 (darbo valandomis)
Email.: liana@mruni.eu



Manager Leonora Andriulevičienė (bachelor degree program: Psychology; master degree programs: Applied Criminal Psychology, Business Psychology)
Room: V-113
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4717
Email: leonora@mruni.eu

Manager Avigėja Jarmolo (bachelor degree programs: English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign Language, English for Specific Purposes and Korean Studies (specialization of program English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign Language), Translation and Editing, Communication and Digital Marketing (in English), International and Intercultural Communication (in English), Social Work and Human Rights (English) (specialization of program Social Work and Legal Fundamentals); master degree programs: Social Work with Children and Youth (joint study program) (in English), Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (joint study program) (in English)
Room: IV-301
Ph.: (370 5) 2714 617
Email: avigeja.j@mruni.eu

Manager Albina Spadavičiūtė (bachelor degree programs: Social Pedagogy and Legal Fundamentals, Social Work and Legal Fundamentals; master degree programs: Management of Educational Technology, Career Management (specialization of program Management of Educational Technology), Educology of Law, Child Rights Protection; Pedagogy (non-degree studies)
Room: IV-301
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4530
Mobile ph.: 370 659 73387 (office hours)
El. p.: albina.spa@mruni.eu

Manager Rugilė Valkauskaitė (bachelor degree programs: Communication and Digital Marketing, Communication and Creative Industries; master degree programs: Communication and Creative Technologies, Public Relations Management, Social Work
Room: IV-307
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4710
El. p.: rugile.v@mruni.eu