MRU Highly-Rated in "THE Impact Rankings 2023" on UN Sustainable Development Goal Implementation - MRU

5 June, 2023
MRU Highly-Rated in “THE Impact Rankings 2023” on UN Sustainable Development Goal Implementation
Faculty of Public Governance and Business
Faculty of Human and Social Studies

Global University evaluator, "Times Higher Education," (THE) has announced the best higher education institutions that are successfully implementing United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). The indicators used to assess universities cover 4 areas: research, stewardship, outreach and teaching.

Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) has been ranked highly for the second year in a row in "THE Impact Rankings 2023".

MRU was evaluated in all 17 areas of Sustainable Development Goals. It was highly-ranked in the areas of gender equality (SDG5), reduced inequalities (SDG10), responsible consumption and production (SDG12), life on land (SDG15) and peace, justice and strong institutions (SDG16), according to fact-based indicators.

According to MRU Rector Prof. Inga Žalėnienė, MRU's high rating in terms of impact on the sustainable development of the environment and society-at-large reflects the fact that the entire university community worked hard to implement the MRU 2021-2023 Sustainable Development Strategy. Neither the COVID-19 pandemic, nor the painfully felt consequences of the war in Ukraine, when war refugees had to be urgently accommodated in University facilities, negatively affected this.

"Sustainable development is successful when it is not only integrated into various study programs and scientific research, but also into the lifestyle of our entire academic campus," said MRU Rector Zalėnienė.

According to the Rector, MRU's infrastructure renewal and modernisation programme started on time and will help create better conditions for studies, scientific research and well-being, culture, sports and health activities of the entire MRU community.

"I am glad that most of the youth, our students and lecturers are enthusiastic about creating a sustainable, green and harmonious Lithuania. This gives us hope, that with joint efforts, we can effectively strive for a future in which peace, justice, democracy and equal opportunities for all will prevail", said the Rector.

In the field of gender equality (SDG5), MRU ranks among the 201-300 most impactful universities in the world. Gender equality-related research and research publications in the "Elsevier Scopus" databases, the proportion of older female lecturers and researchers, access to studies and the proportion of successful female graduates were assessed.

MRU ranks among the top 301-400 universities worldwide, in the area of reducing inequality (SDG10). Research and scientific publications in the "Elsevier Scopus" databases, the share of students from developing countries, support for students and employees with disabilities and institutional measures to curb discrimination were taken into account.

In the area of responsible consumption and production (SDG12), MRU is also ranked 301-400 among the world's most sustainable universities. Areas such as circular economy-related research and scientific publications in the Elsevier Scopus databases, the proportion of recyclable waste, and University institutional performance measures, such as green public procurement, were evaluated.

MRU is also ranked among the top 201-300 universities in the world in Life on Land (DVT15). Ecosystem-related research and publications in the "Elsevier Scopus" databases, land-sensitive waste management, environmental education and support for other activities related to the responsible use of land resources were evaluated.

In the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (SDG16) area, MRU is also among the 301-400 most advanced universities in the world. Research and scientific publications in the "Elsevier Scopus" databases, cooperation with public management and business institutions, the share of law and law enforcement graduates, the fostering of democratic principles in the University, and other advanced organizational management tools, were evaluated.

in 2023 1,591 universities from 112 countries participated in THE Impact Rankings 2023, which have been conducted since 2018. More detailed information on the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings can be found here.