What is the European Reform University Alliance? - MRU

What is the European Reform University Alliance?

ERUA, the European Reform University Alliance, is a partnership of five universities, including Paris 8 University, which was selected by the European Commission during the second Erasmus call for pilot projects.

ERUA is based on the ambition of developing an alternative model for the European university, reimagining it as a space for critical thinking, creation and experimentation. Thanks to the five million Euros in funding allocated to this project, partner universities will be able to implement 40 different measures that will reinterpret the role of the university in a global context. ERUA members are strongly committed to diversity, fairness and inclusivity.

Their aim is to develop personalised learning pathways in a multilingual and multicultural environment. The members of the Alliance create the right framework and structures to help students from different backgrounds come together in a shared European experience.

Our ambition is to achieve excellence in research by encouraging independent thinking in a bottom-up approach based on individual and collective initiatives and open science. We cover the majority of subject areas, with a particularly strong focus on the human and social sciences, and the arts. This allows us to develop original interdisciplinary approaches, and new approaches and solutions to contemporary issues and challenges.