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King Sejong Institute

King Senjong Institute Vilnius established at Mykolas Romeris University in cooperation with Dongseo University (South Korea) in October 2014 as the first institute in Northern Europe.

The goal of the King Sejong Institute Vilnius is to provide solid bases for teaching and learning Korean language and culture; deepen knowledge in Korean traditions, philosophy and history; educate young generations to become distinguished citizens culturally sophisticated, globally aware and capable of communicating freely in a dynamic, international environment.


Free of charge Korean language courses

King Sejong Institute Vilnius provides free of charge Korean language courses based on King Sejong Institute Foundation standard. All lecturers of King Sejong Institute Vilnius are professional native speakers.

There are 8 levels of general language courses:

  • Sejong Korean level 1 (Elementary 1)
  • Sejong Korean level 2 (Elementary 1)
  • Sejong Korean level 3 (Elementary 2)
  • Sejong Korean level 4 (Elementary 2)
  • Sejong Korean level 5 (Intermediate 1)
  • Sejong Korean level 6 (Intermediate 1)
  • Sejong Korean level 7 (Intermediate 2)
  • Sejong Korean level 8 (Intermediate 2)

Do I need to take a Korean language proficiency test?

Students who have studied Korean at a non-King Sedgong Institute must pass a Korean language proficiency test. The level test does not need to be taken for students who hold a KSI course completion certificate, as well as for students enrolling in Level 1 language classes.

Korean language proficiency test

How and when can I register?

Registration for the courses is published on Facebook or Instagram of the King Sedgion Institute. Registration takes place about 2-3 weeks before the start of the course.

  • General language courses take place during the spring and autumn semesters.
  • Special courses take place during the winter and summer (kindly notice that these courses do not always take place).

How long do the courses last?

  • Spring semester general language courses run from March until mid-June.
  • Autumn semester general language courses run from September until mid-December.

Possible class times:

  • 14: 40-16: 10
    16: 20-17: 50
    18: 00-19: 30