The University Theatre - MRU

The University Theatre

During these activities you will:

·       learn from the best specialists in their field;

·       perform and cultivate your acting mastery alongside like-minded students;

·       organise performances at university events and festivals!

While attending these activities, with the help of acting mastery, you will:

·       cultivate your emotional intelligence, coordination;

·       learn stage culture;

·       prepare for shows and various staging;

·       set your creativity free;

·       build up your self-confidence;

·       meet new people;

·       have fun, and enjoy yourself!

About Theatre Studio and its head:

The University Theatre Studio is run by Julius Dautartas, a theatre director with many years of experience. University theatre productions are shown not only at university festivals, but also at city events. The friendship between the members of the theatre group is especially valued here. Great emphasis is placed on communication and co-operation.

These lectures are held in Lithuanian language!

Exact time and date will be announced later, it will be confirmed by the head of the activity.

The Head of the activity: Julius Dautartas