Practical information for incoming students - MRU

Practical information for incoming students

National Visa (D type) (for non-EU countries citizens)

For all non-EU citizens, it is crucial to apply for National Visa (D type) to ensure that you are legally authorized to stay in Lithuania for the duration of your exchange studies at MRU.

If you are a citizen of the country, whose nationals can enter Lithuania without visa (Check the list of countries, whose citizen can enter Lithuania without visas:, you are welcome to arrive to Lithuania and apply for National Visa after arrival at the Migration Department.  

If you are a citizen of the non-EU country whose nationals need visa to enter Lithuania, you must apply for a National Visa straight from abroad (from Your country or the closest country where the “VSF Global” centres are collecting applications for the Migration Department of Lithuania, and you must complete the following five (5) steps:

  1. Collect requested documents (you can find list here:;
  2. Complete and submit online application (request) for National Visa (D type) and register to appointment to VSF centre;
  3. Visit VSF centre with all requested documents;
  4. Collect your National Visa (D type).

STEP 1   – Collect requested documents:

  • A valid passport;
  • A letter of acceptance from Mykolas Romeris University;
  • A health insurance certificate (valid during the stay in Lithuania and in all the Schengen countries). The sum insured must be at least EUR 30,000 and include repatriation;
  • Document about sufficient means of subsistence (e. g., bank account statement or scholarship certificate) – 462 Eur/month + 924 Eur for travel expenses;
  • Mediation number from International Office; to get mediation number please contact;
  • Accommodation letter (a copy of lease contract in case you stay off-campus or, if you stay in dormitory, it will be included in your mediation number).

STEP 2   – Complete and submit online application (request) for National Visa (D type) and register to appointment to VSF centre

National Visa (D type) applicant must electronically fill out the request to issue National Visa through in Migration department system and include digital copies of the documents being added to this request. 

You will have to upload scanned copies of the necessary documents (step 1) to MIGRIS system application, as well as add the number of Mykolas Romeris university mediation letter (to get mediation number please contact us via email:

Mykolas Romeris University contacts required in your application (section: “Information about Lithuanian science and studies institution”:
Legal entity code: 111951726
Address: Ateities street, 20, LT- LT-08303, Vilnius
Phone number: “+370 5 271 4625

You will need to check place where you will have visit and pick up your National Visa D when it will be ready.

You can find visa centres in different countries here:

STEP 4 – Collect your National Visa (D type)

Collect your National Visa D after receiving confirmation from MIGRIS that it is ready for pick up.

For EU citizens information on Temporary Residence Certificate (mandatory for those whose mobility is longer than 3 months)

EU (and EEA/EFTA) citizens can freely come and stay in Lithuania for up to 3 months without formalization. DURING THAT period, they must apply and obtain the Certificate of Temporary Residence and must declare their place of residence in Lithuania. Information here:ės-laikinai-gyventi-pažymėjimą (Section: “I am admitted to study at an educational institution according to the programme (programmes) of general education or vocational training, to study at a science and study institution according to the study programme (programmes) or to a doctoral programme, invited to a traineeship, to improve qualifications.”)

Documents to be submitted for a Certificate:

  1. Valid travel document;
  2. Completed form of application;
  3. Document confirming that you are accepted/that you are an exchange student at MRU and mediation letter  (from International office please ask;
  4. Bank statement confirming that you have enough funds during your stay in LT;
  5. Health insurance (Do not forger to bring your European Health Insurance Card which will be needed for a certificate of temporary residence application and, in general, that you’d have insurance coverage valid in the territory of Lithuania. All information about the European Health insurance card and how to obtain in your home country:;
  6. Payment of state levy (fee)

We strongly encourage to apply for the Certificate as soon as possible, after the arrival for studies (procedure must be complete within 90 days from arrival). 


Health insurance requirements for Foreigners in Lithuania

It is compulsory to have a valid health insurance (in Schengen area) for entire period of stay in Lithuania. Only emergency medical aid is given free of charge.

Please make sure you have one before arrival or ask at the International Office to indicate insurance company to obtain valid health insurance here in Lithuania. A minimum insured amount of the medical insurance contract (policy) needs to be at least 30.000 Eur and the insurance contract shall guarantee that all basic medical assistance costs and travel expenses which may arise in connection with the return, for health reasons, of a foreigner to homeland (medical transportation/repatriation, including escort by medical brigade or a doctor) will be covered.

If you do not have European Health Insurance Card (applicable only for EU citizens) or Travel/Health insurance policy from your home country you must obtain health insurance in Lithuania from either local or international insurance companies. Basic health insurance for foreigners in Lithuania for 5 months period costs approximately 87-115 Eur. More information on local insurance companies and terms of insurance is available on Every time when medical treatment at a general practitioner or hospitalisation is required you will be asked to show your health insurance policy. In most cases a foreigner is required to pay for health care services to the health care institution and then needs to claim for reimbursement of expenses from their health insurance providers (accordingly, read all terms and conditions of your health insurance policy carefully and keep the contact telephone of insurance company nearby!!!).

On-Campus housing

Mykolas Romeris University offers accommodation for international students on campus – at student residence hall “Student house”- the twelve-floor modern building. It takes 5 minutes on foot to come to the main University building.

MRU Student house offers shared rooms for two or three students, also single rooms. International exchange students are required to pay for the accommodation in advance for the entire semester at their arrival or during the introductory week (i. e. for all 5 months of the semester).

All the rooms have Internet access. The “Student house” is also equipped with a table tennis room for relaxation. Bathroom facilities are mostly shared by two rooms. There is one common use kitchen, meeting room, a working room on each floor. Students are obliged to clean up and keep the order in the kitchen and rooms by themselves. A laundry room is also available for international students with extra charge.

Room configuration in the dorm: Each room has beds, a working desk, shelves, and a wardrobe. Blankets, pillows, etc. are provided upon signing the accommodation agreement.

Application for MRU student house is made in the following steps for incoming exchange students or visiting students (free-movers):

Firstly, by marking that applicant intends to live in the MRU student house in the online application form. 

After the acceptance of student is confirmed by MRU and student data are enlisted in the MRU students registry (approximately 1 month before semester begins), the student must activate the MRU student account  and then secure the reservation of a chosen room via the MRU Student house reservation platform:

Step 1: create MRU account at   

Step 2: with your MRU username (Username are all letters UNTILL the „“)   login to Student house reservation system and book your chosen place or room of accommodation at the dormitory  and pay reservation fee of 100 EUR.

Then the reserved place (or room) is waiting for the student from the student’s arrival (please note that you indicate yourself your date of arrival in the reservation system ).

Detailed information about accommodation options, rules, reservations  can be found here.

Accommodation fee depends on the type of the room.


Off-Campus housing

Off-Campus Accommodation offers alternative accommodation for students who are not able to secure space in on-campus residences and take the form of accredited large properties.

If international students prefer to rent an apartment, the International Office may suggest to students some reliable real estate companies or private people who rent apartments.

Some websites and properties useful for searching accommodation:

  1. SHED Vilnius . 200 fully furnished & stylish private apartments with kitchenette, bathroom (incl. shower and wc) located close to Mykolas Romeris University  – at Santaros str. 3, Vilnius. Offers short-term and long-term accommodation for students and young professionals. Convenient connection with MRU  by bus No. 2G (from the nearby bus stop “Vaikų ligoninė”). Reservations: 
  2. SOLO SOCIETY City House Vilnius – the largest co-living  project in Vilnius  located in Šv. Stepono  st.3, Vilnius with 269 rooms  (studio, studio+, twins)  offering  short-term and long-term accommodation options for  professionals seeking an active urban lifestyle without compromising on comfort and community.  Connection with MRU by public transportation takes about 55 minutes from bus stop “Stotis” by direct bus No. 2G. Reservation:     
  3. Co-living project in Vilnius “Liv_in Vilnius”. The complex  (located in J. Balčikonis st. 19, Vilnius)  consists of five gallery-connected buildings and comprises a total of 240 apartments. A new complex recently opened in the New Town (Kauno str. 33) with easy access routes (via the express bus – about 45 minute trip) to the university. Convenient connection with MRU and with city center, as well as with the bus and train stations. Reservation:
  4. Co-living & co-working space project in Vilnius “Youston”.   (Two locations:  Slucko str. 8, Vilnius and Smolensko str. 12, Vilnius)  Reservation:
  5. Latest co-living project “Atlas”. Located in B. Karvelio str.14, Vilnius (close to the Vilnius airport). Offers studio, double, and twin apartments for short and long term accommodation. Reservation:
  6. Railway Apartments & Hotel  ( In the apartments, there are single/ double beds, a work area with a desk, a bathroom (shower and toilet), a refrigerator, a TV, WiFi. The apartments are equipped with a shared kitchen, washing machines, dryers. Short-term and longer accommodation options are available.  Apartments are on the fifth floor, access – by an elevator. On the ground floor of the building, there are entertainment places: Bar “Peronas”, “Line-up”, escape room “Break room”, currency exchange, hostel, bookstore, etc.  Bus/train stations can be reached on foot in 1 min (100m), Gates of Dawn in 8 min (700m), Town Hall in 11 min (1 km). Contacts: tel. +370 619 57497, +370 680 30505; e-mail:

3. Facebook groups, such as “Erasmus in Vilnius”, “Foreigners in Vilnius”, you can ask for suggestion, rooms, flat to share and useful info.



6. Ober house Lithuania

7. Airbnb


Public Transportation in Vilnius

Public transportation system in Vilnius is quite well developed. There are busses and trolleybusses available for service. There are short-term tickets (30 min, 60 min), Day tickets (1,3 days), Long-term tickets (1,3,12 months) and long-term tickets for working days (1,3,12 months) available in Vilnius for busses and troleybusses   (  Tickets in Vilnius transport are electronic and can be purchased via Mobile App “Trafi” or “m.ticket”. All routes, timetables, distances and other information about public transportation in Vilnius is available on internet     and on 
Taxi as alternative mean of transportation in Vilnius is not as expensive as in other European cities. The price for one kilometer usually ranges from 0,65 – 0,95 eur, therefore 15 -20 eur is enough to get from one end of the city to another. In order to avoid the overcharging it is suggested to use one of the numerous App’s f.e. Bolt (, Uber ( or book online – f.e. taxi company A2B (
More information about Vilnius is available at the Municipality website: or at the independent source – a guidebook “Vilnius in Your Pocket” publisher: (choose Vilnius).

From the Airport:

By public transportation: From the Airport, you can take bus No. 3G and change in bus stop “Zaliasis tiltas” to a bus No. 10. Your destination stop is a bus stop “Mykolo Romerio universitetas”. Total length of travel by public transportation from the Airport to the Mykolas Romeris University is about 50 minutes. By taxi it would cost you about 20 eur to go to Mykolas Romeris University. In order to avoid the overcharging it is suggested to use one of the numerous App’s f.e. Bolt (, Uber ( or book online – f.e. taxi company A2B (

When staying in Vilnius for longer period it is possible ( only if you do not have smart phone) to obtain from the Press kiosk at the Airport an E-tickets card for 1,50 eur (“Vilniečio kortelė”) and top it up with electronic tickets which are valid according to the timing – 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 1 day, 3 day, 10 day, etc…. With a valid ticket in the card, properly activated on board of public vehicle, if necessary, it is possible to change the public transport for free and for unlimited number of journeys within the time of the e-ticket. More information public transportation tickets: .
To catch up with the public transport routs and timetables check at

From the Railway Station or Bus Station:

By public transportation: You can take a bus no. 2G and go until the bus stop “Mykolo Romerio universitetas”. Duration of travel by public transportation will be approximately 35 minutes. By taxi it would cost you approximately 15 eur to go to the Mykolas Romeris University. 

When staying in Vilnius for longer period it is strongly advisable to obtain from the Press kiosk outside the Railway or Bus station an E-tickets card for 1,50 eur (“Vilniečio kortelė”) and top it up with electronic tickets which are valid according to the timing – 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 1 day, 3 day, etc…. With a valid ticket in the card, properly activated on board of public vehicle, if necessary, it is possible to change the public transport for free and for unlimited number of journeys within the time of the e-ticket. More information public transportation tickets: .
To catch up with the public transport routs and timetables check at

If you arrive by car:

You can always get directions to Mykolas Romeris University by entering address “Ateities g. 20, Vilnius” into your GPS navigator or Google maps   

or directions to MRU Student House by entering address “Didlaukio g. 57, Vilnius”  or “Didlaukio g. 86, Vilnius”    

Local Currency and Bank Cards

Lithuania joined the euro zone from 1 January 2015, therefore the currency in Lithuania is EURO.

More information on local money is available on internet site of the Bank of Lithuania

In Lithuania most of the internationally recognized bank and credit cards are accepted and widely used in all shops and shopping centers where such method of payment is indicated at the entrance. International students of Mykolas Romeris University may open accounts and ask for bank cards in Lithuanian banks similarly to Lithuanian students. If you wish to open an account in any Lithuanian bank, just apply to any bank branch or ask at the International Office for advice. Please note, that at the end of study period in Lithuania, all international students are required to close bank accounts, opened in Lithuania.

Telcos and Phone Calls:

The largest company providing fixed telecommunications in Lithuania is Telia.  To make an international call, first dial 00, then dial a country (and city) code and then – a telephone number. 
Mobile communications are provided by the three major operators in Lithuania – Telia, Bite and Tele2. All international students may get services under the same conditions as regular local students (usually with special student discounts). Prepaid mobile telephone cards (EZYS from Telia, LABAS from Bite, PILDYK from Tele2) ease communication both within Lithuania and international student’s home country. International calls are made in the same manner as from fixed telecommunications telephone (00-country code-city code-telephone number).

To receive phone calls from a foreign country it is essential to know that:

  • Lithuania’s code is 370
  • To a fixed line telephone: Vilnius code 5 + telephone number
  • To a mobile telephone: 6+relevant operator’s code + telephone number
  • For example: Your mobile telephone number is 23 45678 (where 23 is your operator’s code and 45678 is your telephone number). A friend from a foreign country or Lithuania may reach you by dialing +370 623 45678.

Emergency Telephone Numbers
United Emergency Telephone 112

Mentor System (students helping students)

It is always not easy to go to study abroad and to get used to the new environment, especially when cultural and other differences between your country and Lithuania as well as language barrier are significant. For this reason at Mykolas Romeris University we have launched Mentors’ programme to help foreign exchange students to adapt in the new environment. Since academic year 2006/2007 Mentors’ programme was organized by the Committee for International Relations of Students’ Representative Body where students working to ease some worries of students’ life.

In Mykolas Romeris University, Mentoring system is currently offered by ESN MRU Vilnius, a part of Erasmus Student Network (ESN), which is the biggest student association in Europe, established on the 16th October 1989 and legally registered in 1990 for supporting and developing student exchange. As of March 2017, ESN is present in more than 800 Higher Education Institutions from 40 countries.

ESN MRU Vilnius is a local section of ESN Lithuania. The main aim of ESN MRU Vilnius is to help incoming and outgoing International students in Mykolas Romeris University. ESN MRU Vilnius was established on the 10th of February, 2010 and is located in Mykolas Romeris University, Room II-214.

The section has lots of active, friendly and really fun members and around 180 exchange students every semester. ESN MRU Vilnius has 9 board members and coordinators and is famous for their big events – Introductory Week, Erasmus Got Talent, Cooking Battle, Pub Quiz.

Mentors are MRU students volunteers – your contemporaries. Most of them already have been Erasmus students so we know with what kind of problems exchange students face and peculiarities of Erasmus traditions. All incoming exchange students get personal mentors which can answer most of the questions about life, entertainments and places to visit in Lithuania. They are helping for students to do all the necessary things:

  • meeting arriving students at Vilnius International Airport, Bus or Train stations;
  • housing in the Students’ House;
  • finding a flat to rent if it is necessary;
  • arranging documents for Migration Office;
  • applying for LSP (Lithuanian student ID) or ISIC (International Student Identity Card);
  • paying for the dormitory or opening an account in the bank;
  • solving health problems and etc.

Facebook Page:

ATTENTION: degree-seeking students from Lithuania and other countries can apply to become a member of ESN MRU Vilnius. If you are interested in becoming a part of the huge network, write an e-mail to