Faculty of Public Governance and Business

Ph. +370 6 598 9190
Ph. +370 5 271 4509
E-mail: vvvf@mruni.eu


Why choose MRU
Studies in South Korea

MRU partner – Dongseo University (DSU) - offers opportunities to make contacts and gain international experience working in South Korea.

Flexible Online Studies

Possibility to take part in online lectures. Flexible schedules allow combining studies with work.

Joint Studies Programmes

Your international career begins here – studies in over 20 studies programmes in English or select from 2 or 3 joint MRU and international university programmes.

Name, Surname Position Address Office Phone Email
Prof. dr. Darius Štitilis Dean, Faculty of Public Governance and Business Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-504 +370 5 271 4650 stitilis@mruni.eu
Dr. Aušra Šukvietienė Vice-Dean for Studies Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-509 +370 5 271 4552 / mob. +370 610 69397 ausra.sukvietiene@mruni.eu
Prof. dr. Ilona Skačkauskienė Vice-Dean for Science (Professor) Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-502 +370 5 271 4656 ilona@mruni.eu
Assoc. prof. dr. Lidija Kraujalienė Vice-Dean for for Strategic Partnerships and Innovation Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-503 + 370 6 597 9491 lidija.kraujaliene@mruni.eu
Asta Verbickienė Dean‘s Assistant Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-505 +370 5 271 4509 asta.verbickiene@mruni.eu


Loreta Borodičienė

Room: IV-310
Mob. phone:+370 659 75 847
E-mail: loreta.borodiciene@mruni.eu                    


Administration of Bachelor and Master study programs in English, Master‘s in Cybersecurity Management, Logistics management, Electronic Business Management, Financial management and ERASMUS students


Rima Marytė Tumėnienė
Mob.:  +370 659 75 697

Administration of Bachelor’s full-time and part-time studies in Lithuania.
Administration of Bachelor’s programme  Informatics and Digital Content studies in English.
Membership in international organizations