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MRU Singing Studio

In these activities you will:

·       learn from the best professionals in the field;

·       sing in the company of like-minded people;

·       organize performances at University Christmas events, graduation ceremonies and other celebrations;

·       have the opportunity to perform at various Vilnius events, festivals, song festivals!

By attending these music activities, you will:

·       develop your emotional intelligence, coordination, sense of rhythm, hearing;

·       develop solo and ensemble singing skills;

·       learn the basics of solfeggio, music theory;

·       unleash your creativity;

·       improve self-confidence;

·       meet new people;

·       have fun and enjoy quality time!

About MRU’s Singing Studio:

The MRU Singing Studio is led by concertmaster Vitalija Semeniukienė. In the Singing Studio you will be able to learn the basics of classical vocals – correct vocal breathing, articulation, diction, correct vocal position, stage expression and posture. You will also learn the basics of solfeggio. The repertoire of the Studio includes secular and sacred Lithuanian and foreign composers’ music, as well as developed Lithuanian folk songs. There will be individual vocal lessons and joint rehearsals.

These lectures are held in Lithuanian language!

Exact time and date will be announced later, it will be confirmed by the head of the activity.

The Head of the activity: Vitalija Semeniukienė
Phone number: +3706 18 55 291