Mission and Vision - MRU

Mission and Vision


  • To offer students a rich and diverse environment with a collaborative pedagogical approach focused on project-based learning and critical thinking.
  • To develop personalized learning approaches in a multilingual and multicultural environment.
  • Establish systems and structures to enable students from different backgrounds to become part of a common European experience.
  • Enhance research competences by promoting free thinking, bottom-up approaches and open science.
  • To have an impact on society through ERUA’s educational programmes and research projects: to encourage the community to participate in the future of the university by building on the diversity of its environment.


  • The university is a vision of creative spaces, and experimental methods and diversity are the potential of the universities of the future.
  • Bringing together researchers and students from all over Europe, from the top and bottom socio-economic deciles, from rural and urban settings, to address today’s challenges and problems, and to contribute to a fairer, more open and inclusive society.