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Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies are third-cycle university studies, and a doctoral student is not only a student but also a researcher. The main goal of doctoral studies is to prepare future researchers who could further delve into the desired field of science, conduct research of various scales, carry out projects and solve emerging scientific problems. After defending a doctoral dissertation and obtaining a doctoral degree, a person acquires the most advanced research work and professional knowledge, is ready to apply them to the development and use of new ideas or processes in academic and non-academic activities.

One of the main goals of Mykolas Romeris University is to ensure that doctoral studies are of high quality, follow the latest scientific trends and knowledge, and meet the international level. MRU encourages doctoral students to improve their scientific qualification, supports the international dissemination of their research results and seeks to increase international mobility. Doctoral students have the opportunity to go on short-term and long-term internships in foreign research and study institutions, to participate in international scientific events or doctoral student training. Doctoral students are also actively involved in submitting project applications and implementing funded projects, providing them with opportunities to gain experience in pedagogical work. Every year, the most productive doctoral students are encouraged by MRU scholarships for active scientific and social activities and high achievements in scientific activities.

MRU, ensuring mobility of doctoral students, as well as internationality, and cooperation in the European Research Area, was the first in Lithuania to join European (Germany‘s, Italy‘s, Spain‘s, Portugal‘s, France‘s,) universities, issuing European doctoral certificates. From the end of 2019, MRU doctoral students can obtain a European Doctor (Doctor Europaeus) certificate. It is a document attesting to the internationality of doctoral studies, which is issued together with a doctoral diploma.

Mykolas Romeris University is currently pursuing doctoral studies in 6 fields of science disciplines: law, management, economics, psychology, education science and philology. The duration of doctoral studies depends on the chosen form of studies: full-time studies last 4 years, part-time studies – 6 years. Persons who have independently prepared a doctoral dissertation (or monograph) and have scientific publications can obtain a doctoral degree externally (within 1 year).

More detailed information about doctoral studies, their organization, process and requirements can be found under the studies of the relevant field of science.


The Social Innovations Doctoral School of the Research and Innovation Centre is responsible for consulting on issues related to the University’s doctoral studies
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