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Faculty of Human and Social Studies

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Why choose MRU
“EuroPsy” Studies Standard

Psychology studies meet the requirements of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) approved psychology bachelor’s degree programme requirements “EuroPsy”.

“U-Multirank” Rating TOP Studies

According to international “U-Multirank” ratings, MRU Psychology studies are the best Psychology programmes among all of Lithuania’s institutions of higher education.

Year in South Korea

English for Specific Purposes and Korean studies allow not only a general philological education, and foreign language and communication skills, but also a unique opportunity to study in S. Korea for a year.

Name, Surname Position Address Office Phone Email
Prof. dr. Odeta Merfeldaitė Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Studies Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-242 +370 5 271 4520
Prof. dr. Linas Selmistraitis Vice-Dean (for Studies) Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-241 +370 5 271 4529
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raminta Bardauskienė Vice-Dean (for Research) Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-244 +370 5 271 4533
Prof. dr. Jolanta Pivorienė Vice-Dean (for International Relations and Projects) Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-244 +370 5 271 4533
Neringa Kalinauskienė Adviser to the Dean Ateities st. 20, Vilnius IV-303 +370 5 271 4506
Liana Dalia Petronytė Dean‘s Assistant Ateities st. 20, Vilnius V-243 +370 5 271 4510

Manager Jurgita Radžiūnienė (Bachelor’s Degree Program: Communication and Digital Marketing, Communication and Digital Marketing (in English, 1st year); Master’s Degree Programs: Communication and Creative Technologies, Public Relations Management).
Room: V-307
Ph.: ++370 527 14710

Manager Nadežda Jarmolo (bachelor degree programs: English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign Language, English for Specific Purposes and Korean Studies (specialization of program English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign Language), Translation and Editing, Communication and Digital Marketing (in English), International and Intercultural Communication (in English), Social Work and Human Rights (English) (specialization of program Social Work and Legal Fundamentals); master degree programs: Social Work with Children and Youth (joint study program) (in English), Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (joint study program) (in English).
Room: IV-301
Ph.: +370 5 2714 617

Manager Albina Spadavičiūtė (bachelor degree programs: Social Pedagogy and Legal Fundamentals, Social Work and Legal Fundamentals; master degree programs: Management of Educational Technology, Career Management (specialization of program Management of Educational Technology), Educology of Law, Child Rights Protection; Pedagogy (non-degree studies).
Room: IV-301
Ph.: +370 5 271 4530
Mobile ph.: + 370 659 73387 (office hours)

Manager Ieva Gadeikytė (Bachelor’s Degree Programs: Psychology, Psychology (in English);Master’s Degree Programs: Applied Criminal Psychology, Business Psycholog).
Room: IV-113
Ph.: +370 527 14717
Mobile ph.: +370 659 51759 (office hours)

Chief Researcher Prof. Dr. Mindaugas Briedis

Junior Researcher Eleonora Dagienė;

Junior Researcher Dr. Isabel Palomo Dominguez 

Chief Researcher Doc. dr. Olena Kholodniak

Researcher Dr. Yuliia Krasilova

Senior Researcher Doc. dr. Viktoriia Prykhodko

Researcher Dr. Alina Proskurnia

Membership in international organizations