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4 February, 2021
Psychology Student on Studies: Everything in Life Depends on How You Look At It
Faculty of Human and Social Studies

Although it is often said that it is not good to think about the future because we may not achieve our goals, but Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Faculty of Human and Social Studies Psychology freshman student Karina Makovska thinks otherwise.

"I think people need to have some preliminary plans for what to do next. Otherwise, there will be no motivation to act or achieve goals, nor will there be any vision of oneself in some kind of area, said Makovska.

"I Never Thought I Could Do Better at University Than at School" 

 As a student at the Vilnius Adomas Mickevičiaus High School, Makovska was thinking about studies at a University and her major. She thought about how she would like to help others. She was interested in different human behaviour theories and their origin, so she wanted to deepen her knowledge in this area. That is how she decided to choose Psychology studies. Having heard great reviews, she chose MRU. Makovska found not only like-minded individuals, but also began to volunteer at the MRU Psychological Service. Karina did not doubt her choice as she likes the fact that during studies there is much attention paid to practical application of studied topics.

"I love Psychology studies at MRU. I never thought I would enjoy studying so much," said the smiling Makovska. She said she studies a lot on her own because she chose a field of studies that meets her expectations.

"I never thought that I could do better at University than at school, even though my grades were really good - I passed the state Russian exam perfectly and was awarded 100 points. The Psychology studies programme made a very good impression on me, but I am most interested in the fundamentals of Psychology and professional activity. I am glad that we devote a lot of time during lectures and seminars to discussions. The lecturer presents us with very interesting material that can be easily applied to life situations today. By deepening knowledge of the subject matter, I find more answers to my questions. So when I heard earlier that it is interesting to study at university, I didn't believe it. But now, as a student, I think it's an invaluable experience - it's great to study what I like and am successful at," she added.

Future Plans - Providing Help for Youth and a Children's Day Center

It's not difficult to study, if you do everything in a systematic way and on time, says Makovska speaking about studies at MRU. My past experience has taught me not to do everything at the last minute. When I understood this, it because much easier to study. The biggest challenge - mathematical statistical data. At school I never liked math. I put much effort and work and overcame my fears. I know I will successfully complete studies and fulfil my desire - to help youth. I met many people in life who need psychological counselling, but at that time I could not help them and that made me sad. That is why in the future I think I will be able to become a professional in my area, which will be able to not only organise summer schools for youth, but also to open a children's day centre for children who have psychological problems. I still don't know if I will be able to achieve all my goals, but I believe in myself. The world is full of bad emotions. I want to do my part and bring more light in and more positive emotions.

MRU Student Makovska's Advice for High School Graduates

High school students, deciding on their majors, Makovska advises not to fully immerse oneself in studies if you don't yet know what you like. A well thought out decision may save you a lot of stress, time and money.

"I had made the mistake myself. I didn't know what I wanted to do in life, so I selected what came to mind and later had to abandon studies. So I invite future students to closely consider whether their chosen profession is to their liking. Also, get ready for the freedom that you will have after you finish school. You will come face to face with many temptations which will put your studies not necessarily at the top of your priority list. When you are admitted to University, I recommend that you study in a systematic way and don't put off all the work for the last night. I promise that this will make studying easier and allow you to achieve excellent results."

Makovska recommends that future MRU students do not forget to find time to live their life fully and to enjoy each day aiming to achieve set goals.

"Everything in life depends on how we interpret it. Our fears are a bigger obstacle than fear itself," she added. "I believe that everyone, depending on their inner motivation, can achieve what they really want," said the future psychologist.