Pop Vocal Ensemble of Artūras Novikas - MRU

Pop Vocal Ensemble of Artūras Novikas

During these activities you will:

·       Learn from the best specialists in their field;

·       Sing in the midst of like-minded people;

·       Organize performances at university Christmas events, commencement ceremonies and other festivities;

·       Have an opportunity to perform at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society!

While attending these activities, with the help of music, you will:

·       cultivate your emotional intelligence, coordination, sense of rhythm, hearing;

·       form solo and group ensemble singing skills;

·       set your creativity free;

·       build up your self-confidence;

·       meet new people;

·       have fun and an enjoyable time!

About the ensemble and its head:

The Mykolas Romeris University Pop Vocal Group was established in 2000. The Group is led by a voice specialist, teacher-expert, composer and the head of a well-known Lithuanian jazz ensemble, a judge in various musical competitions, founder of the private “Artūras Novikas Jazz School”– Artūras Novikas.

These activities are held in Lithuanian language!

Exact time and date will be announced later, it will be confirmed by the head of the activity.

The Head of the activity: Artūras Novikas
Email: artnov1965@gmail.com
Phone number: +3706 98 88913