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Mykolas Romeris University actively participates in competitions of national programmes and foundations, as well as international programmes and those announced by foundations, continues already established research and begins new scientific research, forges new ties of cooperation with national as well as partners abroad. With the help of various institutions, MRU employees conduct high-level research, participate in the creation of programmes and prepare research papers and publications, exchange insights, results and their experience with partners abroad.


Interdisciplinary teams of scientists, researchers, students and other interested individual groups, who implement MRU research programs, develop an ecosystem based on a high-level of knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, collaboration between science, business, and government institutions and society, and network governance.

The Social Innovations Laboratory network MRU LAB prepares and implements international and national projects, undertakes commissioned business and public sector research, conducts training and provides consultations to various groups of society.

Student Charity and Support Fund

The fund is intended to support: students of Mykolas Romeris University, who represent the University in various international competitions, practical – scientific seminars, projects, forums, participate in internships, targeted summer camps, international conferences, scientific societies, art, sports or other academic activities.

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