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Erasmus+ studies (outgoing)

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Selection process:


Submission of application by:

  • Logging on e-book on My STUDIES.
  • Filling in application for Erasmus+ studies.
  • Sending complete application in PDF format to 


from 05/09/2022 until 30/09/2022  by 23:59


Selection at the Academic Unit:

International Office passes applications to the faculty selection committee. At this stage, faculty representatives may invite applicant for an interview.

until 07/10/2022


Announcement of results:

Students are informed of the selection results by email.

from 10/10/2022 until 12/10/2022


Student’s consent:

Upon receiving selection result, applicant communicates if he/she agrees to be nominated to particular university.

until 13/10/2022


Sending nomination of selected student to partner universities

until 21/10/2022

Who can participate in Erasmus+?

The following students may participate in the selection for Erasmus+ mobility for studies:

  1. Students of the University’s continuous and extended Bachelor studies.
  2. I year students of the University’s continuous and extended Master’s degree studies. The priority is for students of the University’s joint Master’s degree studies. II year students of Master’s degree studies may participate in the initial stage of the selection if the scope of their study programme consists of 120 ECTS credits.
  3. Doctoral students of continuous and extended studies of the University, who have presented a consent of the supervisor of the scientific work and/or the head of the department.
  • The Selection Criteria and the calculation of the Selection Score

Selection score = A+B+C+D+E

  1. The total weighted average of all semesters (at least 7 points), adding one additional point to students of joint Master’s degree study programmes.
  2. The weighted average of a foreign language. The knowledge of the relevant foreign language must be at least B2 and the grade of examination – at least 8 points (in exceptional cases the Faculty’s Selection Committee may decide otherwise). In the case where the application is submitted to a higher education institution in which the studies will be carried out in another language than English, a student must present a document which certifies his or her knowledge of this language or a foreign language evaluation form certified by the signature of the teacher of this foreign language.
  3. Evaluation of motivation to study abroad.
  4. Active participation in the activities of mentorship for incoming Erasmus+ students or in scientific, social, sports activities of Mykolas Romeris University.
  5. Choice of the relevant study courses offered by the foreign university, or the organizational plan of the applied study mobility.


The students applying for Erasmus+ studies must comply with the following criteria:

  • They must have no financial debts to the University (all financial debts must be covered by the date of submission of the application);
  • A student with more than one academic debt may not participate in the selection. By submitting the application, a student confirms and undertakes personal liability that he or she will eliminate the academic debt at least 2 (two) months before the departure. A student who has an academic debt (several academic debts) will not be able to study abroad and to receive a grant for his or her studies.

Places to go to and size of the Erasmus+ mobility grants

The Erasmus+ grant for studies is a Grant awarded by the University for the student who participates in the Erasmus+ mobility for studies (minimum eligible duration of physical mobility to another country than Lithuania is 3 months). The Erasmus+ Grant for studies is intended to cover the additional mobility costs (not for covering all costs of studies abroad), i.e. traveling and insurance costs, the foreign language classes (if necessary), and for the reimbursement of higher living costs in the foreign country (in comparison to Lithuania). Size of the grant is set by the European Commission and is equal to all students outgoing from Lithuania to a particular country group under 2021 Call.



Amount  of Erasmus+ Grant for Studies


Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Sweden

Partner countries (Region No. 14) – Faroe Islands, United Kingdom

520 EUR/month


Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

Partner countries (Region No. 5) – Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City

520 EUR/month


Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Turkey

450 EUR/month


Partner Countries (South Korea, Canada, USA, Israel, Malaysia, Kosovo, Indonesia, etc.)

700** EUR/month

5. Switzerland, Partner Countries** 700 EUR/month

**Students who take part in Erasmus studies in Partner Countries  are allocated additional allowances to compensate their traveling expenses from Vilnius to the chosen university in the Partner Country, calculated using the distance calculator of the European Commission . Scholarship for partner country may be allocated only once (no extension, no second mobility to partner country is financed).

!! during the Erasmus+ study mobility period students must pay their regular tuition fee at the sending university (MRU) !!! All students going abroad for Erasmus+ study mobility period shall not be charged any tuition, registration, examination or access to laboratory or library facilities fees at the receiving university.  At the receiving university students may be charged a small fee (on the same basis as local students) for costs such as insurance, student unions membership or the use of study-related materials and equipment. 

! Now foreign nationals who belong to the socially disadvantaged group can receive the additional grant for the Erasmus+ studies. Students can receive the additional grant in they coincide with the following requirements:

  • The student is not older than 25 years old and was under the custody prescribed by the law until the age of 18
  • Student is an orphan
  • Student has a defined level of work capacity of 45 percent or less or a severe/moderate degree of disability.
  • In order to receive the additional grant, student has to submit documents substantiating these requirements. Documents have to be translated into Lithuanian or English language and notarized.

The main selection for Erasmus+ studies is held two times every academic year:

  1. in September–November for the following spring semester;
  2. in February–May for the following autumn semester.


Please read the information above about how to choose the right University for exchange studies.

List of the universities for the  selection from 05/09/2022 until 25/09/2022 by 23:59 anounced from 05/09/2022. 

*if you would like to write your Bachelor/Master thesis or PhD Dissertation at a foreign university, discuss this possibility with your thesis/dissertation supervisor and the faculty vice-dean at MRU. The final thesis/dissertation shall be defended at MRU after a student has returned from the exchange;

*An orderly arrangement of Erasmus+ studies between the sending and the hosting institution and the recognition of studies after the Erasmus+ study period shall be regulated by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System—ECTS.

Participation in the selection process:

1. Read about the Conditions of the selection.


3. Log on to your electronic book of studies (My STUDIES) and fill in an electronic application.

Students wishing to participate in the selection must submit the completed form and the application in PDF format with additional scanned documents (if necessary) to the International Office by e-mail

Only these additional scanned documents are submitted with the application and shall be examined during the selection of students for the mobility for studies:

  • Copies of certificates of the completed language courses, the achieved language level with evaluation;
  • Documents certifying active participation in scientific, social, sports activities at the university (certificates, reference letters of responsible persons).

A student who wants to participate in the selection for mobility for studies must responsibly choose and plan his or her studies in the selected institution and have a substantial motivation to study abroad. The plan of the studies/chosen subjects and the motivation shall be displayed in the electronic application of the designated form. Get acquainted with the study programme offered by the higher education institutions (the compliance with the study subjects, the direction of studies, possibility to collect the necessary number of credits in the language in which the studies are to be conducted).


  • Students who already have been on Erasmus+ mobility for studies to a partner country (KA107), cannot go on Erasmus+ studies to a partner country again. However, you can apply for the Erasmus+ mobility for studies at the Programme country (KA131)!
  • Students cannot go on Erasmus+ studies to their home country!

Students for the Erasmus+ mobility for studies shall be selected according to their competition score.



  • NOMINATIONS. When students are selected by their Faculty selection committees, they are asked by the International Office if they agree with the selection results and must reply in a written form. Only then selected student shall be officially nominated to a Partner University for further communication and completion of the Partner University’s documentation.

  • INFORMATION. After the selection, the International Office informs outgoing students about the documentation that is usually needed at the Partner Universities. You can also get acquainted with Info Material here!

  • FORMALISATION PROCEDURES of your outgoing mobility, deadlines and any requirements set by Partner universities must be carefully observed and met by the Student. Most of the Partner Universities only process timely submitted documents. Please be aware that the final decision about acceptance of the nominated student is always made by the Partner University which issues a letter of invitation (or a letter of acceptance). As soon as the nominated student receives a confirmation of acceptance (it can be in a form of an official letter, e-mail or a confirmed learning agreement), the student must submit the following documents to the International Office at least one month before the studies abroad start:



Now we are starting to use Online Learning agreement (OLA). In order to fill in an online learning agreement you need to go to the following website:

Fill in the required information including ALL of the courses that you are planning to take in the spring semester. After you fill in the learning agreement and sign it, the Vice-dean of your faculty will receive the invitation to revise and sign the document. If Vice-dean agrees with the courses you want to take, they will sign it and the document will reach the host university for a signature. After the document is signed by all three sides: you, vice-dean of your faculty and the host university, you need to save a document as a PDF and send it to the International Office ( The learning agreement for studies is complete and becomes valid ONLY WHEN signed by all the three parties of the agreement – (1) by the student, (2) by the MRU faculty coordinator (vice-dean) and (3) by the Partner University coordinator.

3. Copy of the APPLICATION FORM for Partner University (if possible).

4. Duly-signed REQUEST FORM FOR ERASMUS+ GRANT (Form for Programme country; Form for Partner country)

In the Request form, the student must indicate his or her duration of studies abroad according to the host institution’s academic calendar. If there is an introductory week of no longer than 7 days it may be included, also a period of lectures/classes and the main (first) session of exams. A minimum eligible mobility period for studies of 3 months must be respected. Please keep in mind that the scholarship is paid based on the dates indicated in the request.

The Request form needs to be signed by (1) the student and confirmed by (2) the faculty’s Vice-Dean. The duly-signed form must be delivered to the International Office (I-302).


Student is responsible for bank account validity during the entire exchange period. Please submit this document as a PDF or WORD file.

If you need to open a new bank account and a bank requires you to provide a document regarding your Erasmus+ grant, please contact the International Office (

6. Copy of VISA and TRP ( 1. which is valid in the host country 2. which is valid in Lithuania)

Students going for Erasmus+ mobility MUST have TRP of Lithuania and the TRP of Lithuania must be valid during the entire mobility period. While having a TRP of Lithuania (it proves that you are an outgoing mobility participant from Lithuania) you might also have to apply for relevant permission in the host country ( e.g. visa), if such is a requirement of the host country for incoming students for longer than 90 days. Check if and when you need to apply for visa and temporary residence permits for studies at the Partner University.

If the Embassy requires you to provide a document that contains information on the amount of your Erasmus+ grant, please request it by e-mail Please, keep in mind that you also need to have a valid Lithuanian TRP.

7. Copy of HEALTH/MEDICAL INSURANCE POLICY (which is valid in the host country).

8. Result of Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS) language assessment.

The OLS language assessment is mandatory for all participants to Erasmus+ mobility activities of at least two months (studies/traineeships/EVS volunteering) with one of the following languages as the main language of instruction, work or volunteering (with the exception of native speakers).

You will receive a link by e-mail (from directly before your Erasmus+ studies. 

After taking the first language assessment, participants who have been selected by their sending institutions/organizations will have the opportunity to take language courses for free.

9. Grant Agreement. When your grant agreement is prepared, you will be asked to sign it. Please note that the first advance payment of the Erasmus grant is transferred only after the Arrival confirmation issued by the host organization is provided to the MRU International office. Find an arrival certificate form here.
Students have to fill in the project participant questionnaire  and submit an ORIGINAL document to the International office (I-302)
Below are the provided (or explained) Annexes listed in the Grant agreement:
Annex I: Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ mobility for studies
  • After the International Office receives all the documents (copies of acceptance letter, duly-signed Learning Agreement for studies, request form for Erasmus+ grant, personal data and your bank account information), the ERASMUS+ GRANT AGREEMENT can be signed. Mykolas Romeris University awards and pays Erasmus+ grants only when a student has signed the Financial Agreement. 90% of the grant will be paid at the beginning of your studies.
  • The remaining part of the Erasmus+ grant will be paid to the student as soon as he or she submits all the documents of the Final report. If the actual Erasmus+ study period was shorter than it was planned in the Erasmus+ grant contract, Mykolas Romeris University calculates the final amount of the grant according to the actual duration of mobility and a part of the Erasmus+ scholarship may have to be returned. In case the minimum eligible duration of Erasmus mobility for studies of 3 months is not met, all paid scholarships must be returned.
  • If needed, the International Office can issue “CONFIRMATION OF STUDENTS ERASMUS+ STATUS”.
  • All the documents need to be submitted at least 1 (one) month before the studies at the host University started. If it is not possible to submit ALL of the documents in 30 (thirty) days after finishing your studies abroad, please contact the International Office by e-mail: and explain the reason.
  • If you want to keep your place at the MRU dormitory during your Erasmus+ studies abroad: please write a request for reduced payment and bring it to MRU Student House Manager’s Office (109).
  • !! during the Erasmus+ study mobility period students must pay their regular tuition fee at the sending university (MRU) !!! All students going abroad for Erasmus+ study mobility period shall not be charged any tuition, registration, examination or access to laboratory or library facilities fees at the receiving university.  At the receiving university students may be charged a small fee (on the same basis as local students) for costs such as insurance, student unions membership or the use of study-related materials and equipment. 


  • Certificate of arrival must be sent to (NOTE: Your Erasmus+ Grant will be transferred only AFTER receiving this form)
  • If you have any changes in your Learning Agreement for studies, please fill in the second section in the Learning Agreement for studies (“Section to be completed DURING the mobility”
  • Don’t forget to take language courses for free and improve your knowledge in the main language used to study during your Erasmus+ mobility period.
  • Send short feedback about your Erasmus+ experience by email  
  • Students going for Erasmus+ studies to the partner country (KA107) must submit the boarding passes (from Vilnius to the host country). 



In order to finish the Erasmus+ studies settlement and receive the final 10 % of the Erasmus+ Grant, the following documents must be submitted (no later than 30 calendar days from the date of completion of your study period abroad*):

1. The calculation of Erasmus+ grants is based on the dates of your study period abroad so it is important to return the LETTER OF CONFIRMATION, which shows your actual study period abroad. The Letter of Confirmation needs to be signed by the Erasmus+ coordinator of your host university.

NOTE: If the Erasmus+ study period lasted shorter than was specified in the Erasmus+ grant contract, Mykolas Romeris University has a right to decide (re-calculate) what part of the Erasmus+ scholarship must be returned. In case, study period difference is more than 5 calendar days, the re-calculation is obligatorily performed by the University and the student receives a relevant letter stating the final amount of the scholarship. If the minimum eligible duration of Erasmus+ mobility for studies is not met, t.i. if actual mobility for some reason is shorter than 3 months – the entire scholarship first advance payment must be returned!

2. At the end of your stay, the host university should prepare a document called the TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS. It confirms the completed studies and contains the list of the exams passed (or failed) during your Erasmus+ studies, results received and credits awarded. Please send a copy to the International Office.

NOTE: The list of courses in the Transcript of Records should match the courses in the filled-in and duly-signed Learning Agreement for studies. Otherwise, the courses will not be recognized.

3. The document from the Host University, containing the CREDIT CONVERSION SYSTEM to ECTS credits must be added.

4. QUESTIONNAIRE ON THE ERASMUS+ EXPERIENCE. You will receive a questionnaire (by the European Commission Mobility Tool+) by an e-mail directly after the end of your Erasmus+ studies period. it is called “EU Survey“. You should send a notification to after submitting a completed online questionnaire.

5. Second OLS language assessment. At the end of your mobility period, you must take a second assessment to measure the progress in language proficiency you made during your mobility period. You will receive a link by e-mail (from directly after your return from your Erasmus+ studies.

6. FEEDBACK: Students will be required to give written feedback on their studies abroad in order to encourage other students to apply for Erasmus+ and send it with a picture to The feedback and the picture will be published on the MRU Erasmus+ Facebook page.

7. Boarding passes. Students who are going for Erasmus+ studies to the partner country (KA107) have to submit a copy of their boarding passes on the way from Vilnius to the host university and back.

* If it is not possible to submit all the following documents in 30 days after finishing your studies abroad, do not hesitate and contact us immediately. If you do not present the required documents in time, the authorities may request you to return the Erasmus+ grant for studies.



MRU Faculty Academic Erasmus+ coordinator Contacts
Law School Dean: prof. dr. Lyra Jakulevičienė Room: V-342
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4624
Faculty of Public Governance and Business Vice-Dean for Studies: dr. Aušra Šukvietienė Room: V-503
Ph.: (370 5) 271 4657
Public Security Academy Vice-Dean for Studies: Danguolė Seniutienė
Room.: V-106
E-mail: dseniutienė
Faculty of Human and Social Studies Vice-Dean for Studies: prof. dr. Linas Selmistraitis

Kab.: V-241
Tel.: (8 5) 2714529
El. p.:

International Office runs student consultation hours from 2-4 pm, Monday to Thursday, in room I-302. Feel free to come and visit us at the office!

Follow Erasmus+ news on Instagram @mru.erasmus and Facebook – MRU Erasmus+