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Digital Badges

Digital Badges

How can you improve yourself and acquire new competencies during your studies? How can you reach your career goals easier and faster? You can do more than you think! 

The Digital Badge program is a career, professional development in the field of study, and general competence development program that allows MRU students to acquire and improve knowledge and skills by participating in academic, volunteering, mentoring, career development, additional learning, and other activities and obtain a digital badge as proof of acquired knowledge and skills. Aim for your career goals, improve, and confidently step towards your dreams! 


By participating in the MRU Digital Badge program, you will: 

– Fully improve and receive a confirmation of your acquired competencies; 

– Create your digital competence portfolio; 

– Showcase your skills and present them to employers or educational institutions, share your achievements on social networks; 

– Establish a solid foundation for your career or career change. 


The program is implemented in this platform. We invite you to register and accumulate digital badges confirming your acquired competence! 


You can receive a digital activity badge as a confirmation for your involvement in: 

Student representation – Mykolas Romeris University Student Council – if you have ideas on how to promote student well-being both within and outside the university realms, want to be heard, represent your classmates and express opinions in various areas? Become a student representative and be heard. Represent students in MRUSA activities, grow, evolve, and make a difference! 


Career – Career Days organized by the Career Center team, meetings with company representatives and alumni, seminars on career topics – these are opportunities for you to better understand yourself, different career paths, organizations, establish professional contacts, find internships or jobs, and keep up with labor market trends. Participate in events and trainings organized by the Career Center team and acquire this digital badge! 


Trainings – the goal of trainings organized by MRU is to provide knowledge in a specific area to develop skills. Are you interested in sustainability, or perhaps you want to learn how to administer first aid? Participate in training sessions in your area of interest and acquire a digital badge confirming the successful completion of the training. 


Mentorship – participate in a Mentorship program for at least 6 months and acquire a Mentorship program digital badge! Mentorship is a collaboration between a mentor and a student/mentee aimed at developing the student and preparing them for their future career. It is an excellent

way to find answers to questions that arise during studies, nurture your personality, and develop your abilities. 


Volunteering – volunteering at the university will give you the opportunity to participate in various university and partner events, conferences, trainings, or community activities. Here, you will not only contribute to the implementation of an event but also find contacts that will be useful for your future prospects and gain valuable experience from various specialists. 


Sports – actively participate in university sports activities whether individual or team sports, represent the university and enhance its reputation. For active participation in sports activities, you will receive a badge that showcases your ability to work in a team, manage your time, and achieve set goals. 


Research – you will receive this badge by participating in research activities. Get involved in scientific research activities – choose an article, become a speaker at a conference, participate in other research initiatives. 


Culture and Arts – actively participate cultural and artistic activities whether in a dance group or by expressing yourself in the theater. You can also represent the university in a vocal ensemble or improve your voice in a singing studio! The Department of Culture and Art offers opportunities to develop creativity and self-confidence! 

  Internationalization – you will receive a badge by participating in international activities at the university in attending lectures and seminars led by foreign professors, participating in workshops led by diplomats and other experts. This will provide an opportunity to look at your academic discipline from a new perspective, expand intercultural and interdisciplinary knowledge, and gain practical skills for the future. 


Digital badges can be acquired by: 

  •  Scaning the activity/event QR code and claiming the badge; 
  • Receiving an invitation from the program coordinator to obtain a digital badge for completed extracurricular activities. 


Upon request, after completion of studies, a certificate which displays the acquired badges as proof of his/her involvement, is issued to a student. 

Participate in these programs to develop your leadership, teamwork, planning, communication, creativity, and other skills, and build your digital competence portfolio!