Latin American Dance Group - MRU

Latin American Dance Group

In these activities you will:

·       learn from the best professionals in the field;

·       dance in the company of like-minded people;

·       organize performances at university events;

By attending these music and dance activities, you will:

·       develop your emotional intelligence, coordination, sense of rhythm, hearing;

·       learn acting, plasticity, stage culture;

·       unleash your creativity;

·       improve self-confidence;

·       meet new people;

·       have fun and enjoy quality time!

About the Dance Group and its head:

The Latin American Dance Group is led by Dalė Maskoliūnienė, who has many years of experience. The Latin American Dance Group organizes performances at city festivals, participates in festivals, and tests its strength in various competitions.

These lectures are held in Lithuanian language!

Exact time and date will be announced later, it will be confirmed by the head of the activity.

The Head of the activity: Dalė Maskoliūnienė
Phone number: +3706 87 84450