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Sports and Health

Fitness and Sports – boost your health and knowledge!

Don’t hesitate – join health-boosting workouts, teams or high-performance sports:

  • Group training and team training (zumba, pilates, yoga, karate, volleyball, pickleball)
  • Fitness gym
  • Training of high-performance athletes (sambo, judo, powerlifting, chess team, boys basketball team, boys football team, girls volleyball team)
  • Chess Club
  • Hiking Club
  • Fitness, sports events and competitions
  • First aid training

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Gym reservations:

For gym bookings (small gym, large gym) please contact us on weekdays and during office hours at +37064502017, or

Mykolas Romeris University sports facilities internal rules for visitors (PDF)



University training schedules for the academic year 2023/2024:

Free active leisure activities at MRU:

MRU team training sessions:


Sports Hall and Fitness Gym


MRU Community members have an opportunity to book MRU Sports hall, where they can play team games (basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.) or engage in individual sports activities with colleagues or classmates.

Mandatory reservation of Sports Hall can be done here:


MRU Community members also have an opportunity to book MRU Gym, where cardio and strength training can be done using sports equipment (callanetics balls, plates, weights) and exercise machines (Elliptical trainer, Indoor Rower, Flat bench press, Leg Press Hack Squad hammer, Gym bike, Machines with pulley, etc.).

Mandatory reservation of Training Gym can be done here:

Health and Sports activities


Take a deep breath in and out! Allow yourself to stop, feel and be in the moment. Every Tuesday at 12:00 I invite you to experience. Experience yourself through correct breathing, yoga practice and perfect relaxation. During the classes we will learn the basic yoga asanas, breathing techniques, meditation and experience perfect relaxation (shavasana). This vigorous yoga practice will awaken and warm up the body, calm the mind and give strength both physically and mentally. The true practice of yoga begins when you step off the yoga mat, when it allows you to hear and feel yourself and enjoy the present moment.

Gintarė Frišmantaitė is a certified RYT 200 international level Yoga Alliance yoga teacher. Gintarė’s acquaintance with yoga began more than 10 years ago. Her interest and experience of the benefits of becoming a yoga teacher was overwhelming. Gintarė’s goal is to help as many people as possible to take time for themselves, to stop and enjoy the present moment, to help and show others how to access their inner power through a deeper awareness of their body and a focused mind-set to live a joyful, easy and healthy life.

Classes are held on Tuesdays 12:00-13:00 in the CR-II-104 wrestling room.


Kyokushin karate is combat karate, not sport karate. Kyokushin karate combines elements of traditional karate, tailando and classical boxing, which makes it a very versatile sport, but with a deep karate tradition. The advantage of this style is that hand-to-face strikes are not allowed during the competition, which influences the rarity of head injuries, which cannot be avoided in muay thay or boxing.

Kyokushin karate develops not only physical strength, agility and endurance, but also spiritual development, character and self-confidence.

Kyokushin karate offers a full range of opportunities: from health and self-defence to a professional sporting career and a high level of skill.

Coach Mantas Laurinaitis – a multiple prize-winner of Lithuanian karate championships – will help members of the MRU community to get acquainted with the martial art of kyokushin karate.

Classes are held on Thursdays 15:00-16:00 in the CR-II-104 wrestling hall.


Learn how to play volleyball or develop your existing skills with MRU volleyball team coach Diana Šuopytė-Četkauskienė. Volleyball lovers gather every Tuesday 19:00-21:00 and every Thursday 18:30-20:30 in II-105 hall, where everyone will not only have the opportunity to develop their existing skills with a professional coach, but also get the chance to compete with like-minded people who enjoy playing volleyball.



Pilates is a slow-paced, safe exercise to strengthen deep muscles. These classes improve joint mobility, ligament elasticity, muscle balance, and are suitable for rehabilitation after injuries.

Coach Simona Parnarauskienė (, +370 66905912)

Join us for training on Wednesdays at 3:00 P.M. in the I-104 gym.



Pickelball is a fast-growing paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. This game is fast-paced, easy to learn, and incredibly fun to play because of the long scrimmages that take place throughout the game. Pickelball is usually played as a doubles match. Singles matches are also very popular and interesting for players looking for a bigger challenge.

The size of the pickelball court is exactly the same as that of badminton. The racket is different from the tennis racket, short, without strings. The official surface of the pickleball court is a hard tennis surface, but the advantage is that you can also compete in other spaces with a solid base: tennis courts, basketball arenas, on asphalt.

Join the Pickelball games on Thursdays 13:30-15:00 at I-116 in the gym.



Rytas-2 - MRU | men's basketball team

Head coach: Laurynas Samėnas

Assistant coach: Andrius Gaidys

General manager: Matas Urbonas

Phone: +37067844911


Vilnius Rytas-MRU is the youngest team in the Rytas pyramid, competing in the B division of the Regional Basketball League and A division of the Capital Basketball League. “Rytas-2 – MRU will feature players 18 years old and younger from the Rytas Basketball Pyramid.

MRU men's basketball team

Coach: Mindaugas Sakalauskas
+ 370 699 89071


MRU women's volleyball team

Coach: Diana Četkauskienė
Phone: +37066362117





Žalgiris - MRU | women’s football team

Coach: Vytautas Lukša, Bogdan Lukashenko
Team leader: Svajūnas Stravinskas
Phone:+370 6 021 1172

Team achievements:

2020 Lithuanian women’s football (indoor football) champions.

MRU wrestling team

Coach: Algis Mečkovskis
Phone:+370 6 861 6093

Team achievements:


2021 World Combat Sambo Championships: Eimontas Vaikasas (3rd place)

2021 Lithuanian Championships: Eimontas Vaikasas (2nd place), Vitalijus Diro (5th place), Lukas Dubovski (7th place), Andrius Radevičius (7th place)

2021 Lithuanian Youth Championship: Lukaš Dubovski (5th place)

2021 Vilnius City Championships: Ema Šeniauskaitė (1st place)


Lithuanian Championships: Aleksandra Kostojanskaja (1st place), Ema Šeniauskaitė (3rd place)

Lithuanian Student Championship: Aleksandra Kostojanskaja (1st place), Eivinas Žemaitaitis (1st place), Ema Šeniauskaitė (2nd place), Vitalij Diro (5th place), Suren Karapitian (5th place), Andrius Radevičius (7th place)

MRU powerlifting team

Coach: Petras Lazdauskas
Phone: +370 6 861 0275

Team achievements:

2021 Lithuanian Student Powerlifting Champions: Karina Blaževič, Danielė Einorytė, Tadas Mikšys and Jokūbas Stasiulis.

2021 Lithuanian Youth Champions: Danielė Einorytė, Tadas Mikšys.

Karina Blaževič and Jokūbas Stasiulis. Lithuanian Champion (veterans group) Virginijus Kanapinskas

MRU chess team

Coach: Vaidas Sakalauskas
Phone: +370 6 508 6926

Team achievements:

2022 – Lithuanian Chess League – gold medals

in 2022 Lithuanian student championship – team competition – gold medal

2022 SELL Games (Riga) – team competition – gold medal

2022 EUSA Games Lodz (Poland) – — team blitz chess match – gold medal

2021 Lithuanian team blitz chess championship – gold medals.

2021 – Lithuanian team rapid chess championships – gold medals

in 2021 the first FIDE World University Lightning Chess Online Championship, 13-16 places

in 2019 Lithuanian men’s championship, Tomas Laurušas, 1st place, Andrius Brazdžionis, 2nd place

in 2019 European Chess Club Cup (Montenegro), 16th place

Lithuanian Chess League: 2019-2020 1st place, 2021 2nd place

2019-2020 Lithuanian team rapid chess championship, 1st place

2019-2020 Lithuanian team blitz chess championship, 1st place