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Sports and Health

Health and Sports Department of MRU Community’s Well-being Center invites MRU Community to join sports activities, various trainings, health events and spend time in MRU sports facilities. Students are also invited to join University’s Teams: men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, women’s football, wrestling, powerlifting and chess Teams.

The group sports activities have been stopped from the 1st of June and will start again in autumn! 

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Sports Hall and Gym

Mandatory reservation of Sports Hall and Training Gym can be done here:


MRU Community members have an opportunity to book MRU Sports hall, where they can play team games (basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.) or engage in individual sports activities with colleagues or classmates.


MRU Community members also have an opportunity to book MRU Gym, where cardio and strength training can be done using sports equipment (callanetics balls, plates, weights) and exercise machines (Elliptical trainer, Indoor Rower, Flat bench press, Leg Press Hack Squad hammer, Gym bike, Machines with pulley, etc.).

Health and Sports activities

The group sports activities have been stopped from the 1st of June and will start again in outumn! 

YOGA WITH MILANA (in autumn)

Imagine yourself daily as a creative, active person full of energy. Imagine yourself daily feeling great in your body and allowing yourself to take joy in every moment of life.  

Milana Yoga – will expand your life’s experiences with positive thinking, healthy well-being, & true joy.  

Milana Jašinskytė – is the founder of Milana Yoga studio and a coach of holistic well-being. She was the first in Lithuania to host a live yoga broadcast connecting the U.S. and Lithuania thru movement. She lectures at women’s conferences, schools and organizes retreats. “Through the practice of Yoga I not only returned that which I wanted, but also unexpectedly had all kinds of miracles – my body became healthier than ever before. In 2015, I became a Yoga instructor in California. I began to actively exchange my knowledge and to certify Yoga instructors in Lithuania according to the international Yoga Alliance programme. My teachers: Mark Stephens, Shiva Rea, Elena Brower, Alan Wallace, Ala Tamulienė.  

Aside from Yoga, in my classes I integrate emotional intellect, neuroscience, psychology, spiritual intellect information”.  

RUNNING CLUB (in autumn)

From February of 2022, a Running Club has been established at the University. The Club will help all those who want to start running, to do so and better develop physical abilities. Activities will expand your physical training and develop better running skills, along with developing workout plans planus and helping you to meet like-minded enthusiasts with whom you will represent Mykolas Romeris University in running events.  

Track running coach, professional athlete, Lithuania‘s Youth Champion, Lithuania‘s adult prize-winning champ Rokas Ašmena  will help everyone feel the joy of running, group workouts. He will set up individual running plans for all those who are interested.    

The first step, for those that want to join the “MRU Running Club” – is registration. Everyone will be contacted and together we will find the best time and place to work-out. 

KARATE (in autumn)

Karatea wonderful art form connecting spiritual strength and dexterity of the body. Karate can be characterized as a way of self-defense as well as physical preparation and coordination improvement means. It is a sport that helps to reduce tension and aggression. It is a way helping to develop endurance, the value of sacrifice. Lastly, karate is a way of life and a philosophy

Coach Margarita Čiuplytė – MRU alum, European and World kyokushin champion. She will help the MRU community to try this sport and learn more about it





Learn how to play volleyball or develop your sports skills together with MRU volleyball team coach Diana Četkauskienė. Volleyball lovers meet every Thursday 17:30-18:30 II-105 hall, where everyone not only has the opportunity to develop their skills together with a professional coach. There will also be the opportunity to play with like-minded sports enthusiasts who simply love volleyball




Nirvana Fitness is a breathing workout and a natural way to reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain. It detoxifies your body and mind through oxygenation (body’s saturation with oxygen) and prolongs your life.

Trainer Jolanta Gedvilienė (, +370 613 52552)

New! Nordic walk

Nordic Walking is a moderate-intensity exercise using poles specially designed for Nordic pole walking. The poles are needed to exercise not only the lower body, as in normal walking, but also the upper body. Although this form of exercise originated in Finland, more and more people around the world are turning to Nordic walking for its simplicity and its health benefits.

Try Nordic Walking with members of the MRU community every Tuesday at 12:30.

Register here –

Coach Jolanta Gedvilienė (, +370 613 52552)

PILATES (in autumn)

Pilates is a slow-paced and safe workout to strengthen deep muscles. These exercises improve mobility of joints, elasticity of ligaments, strengthen muscle balance and are suitable for rehabilitation after injuries.

Trainer Jolanta Gedvilienė (, +370 613 52552)

Schedule of all mentioned trainings can be found at

Rytas - MRU | men's basketball team

Coach: Karolis Čyžius
Phone: +370 6 144 1643

Kibirkštis - MRU | women's basketball team

Vilniaus Kibirkštis-MRU

Coach: Gitautas Kievinas
Director: Justas Jankauskas
Phone: +370 6 752 2342

MRU men's basketball team

Coach: Mindaugas Sakalauskas
+ 370 699 89071


MRU women's volleyball team

Coach: Diana Četkauskienė





Žalgiris - MRU | women’s football team

2020 Lithuanian women’s football (indoor football) champions.

Coach: Karolis Jasaitis, Vytautas Lukša
Team leader: Svajūnas Stravinskas
Phone:+370 6 021 1172

MRU wrestling team

Coach: Algis Mečkovskis
Phone:+370 6 861 6093

MRU strength triathlon team

Coach: Petras Lazdauskas
Phone: +370 6 861 0275

MRU chess team

Coach: Vaidas Sakalauskas
Phone: +370 6 508 6926

Other sports activities

Information will be available soon