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Other outgoing mobility

Student exchange under Bilateral Cooperation Agreements

Student exchange under Bilateral Cooperation Agreements

MRU Students can apply for an exchange to MRU Partner University under a Bilateral Agreement!

Visit the list of universities here Bilateral Cooperation (MoU) Partners).

Choose the most suitable University and apply.  You can fill in the application here!

Privilege – in case of students exchange under a Bilateral Agreement, the Bilateral partner University exempts the student from tuition fee (registration fee may be applicable). All collected credits and study results (grades) shall be recognized and will show on the Diploma Supplement upon graduation from MRU.

In case of students exchange under a Bilateral Agreement all other costs related to mobility (travel, visa, health insurance, accommodation, subsistence and other incidental expenses) are covered by the exchange participant.

We remind you that the student participating in the exchange pays the prescribed tuition fee to the sending university (MRU) in accordance with the terms of the study agreement with MRU.

Terms to apply:

September 1- October 15 for spring semester studies abroad under bilateral agreements.

February 1-20 March for the autumn semester studies abroad under bilateral agreements


You can always ask the International Office for more information or advice.

Contact email: outgoing@mruni.eu

EU trainee programmes

•  Schuman traineeships in the European Parliament. Detailed and reliable information here. Internship offers will be posted here. Additional information is available here.

• Blue Book internship at the European Commission. Application terms announced here. The candidate must choose Directorates of European Commission and indicate them in order of priority.

• Information on traineeships in other EU institutions can be found here. After selecting institution or agency and more detailed information about the offered internships, we recommend checking the official websites of these institutions.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is recruiting trainees in the field of IT security. Additional information is available here.

Before applying for an internship, we recommend that you read the rules and the Frequently Asked Questions section very carefully and contact the staff of the European Parliament’s Office or the European Information Center.

As soon as accepted/granted under above mentioned programmes – MRU student must contact MRU International Office for formalizing outgoing mobility during studies. E-mail: traineeshisp@mruni.eu

Traineeship at Lithuanian Schools in the World

www.stipendijos.lt has announced the call for applications for International Internship in Lithuanian educational institutions worldwide during 2022–2023.  Hosting organizations have a task for incoming students to teach the Lithuanian language upon arrival therefore information is provided only in Lithuanian language.

Info seminar regarding International Internship in Lithuanian educational institutions worldwide is organized on 8 th of March, 2022, 10:00 LT time.

Registration to info seminar here

Other scholarship programs abroad

United States of America

Internship, research, connections, experience with Baltic-American Freedom Foundation. Information in detail


Turkish Scholarship Program for Foreigners. Information in detail


The German Environmental Protection Agency (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU) offers 6-12 months of internships in German research centers, universities, industry, ministries, institutions and non-governmental organizations. Applications from ALL disciplines are welcome. There are no restrictions on topics. The most important thing is that the topic of the internship project is relevant to environmental / sustainability point of view. DBU is waiting for applications twice a year: until March 5. and until September 5th. Applications can be submitted by: graduates of bachelor’s programs, final year master’s students, graduates of master’s programs, doctoral students. Information about the scholarship program here


International Internship in Dubai. Information in detail

Summer Schools


  • The invitation to attend the ‘Female Leadership in the Digital Age’ summer school in Poland has been officially announced. Detailed information and deadlines pertaining to the summer school can be accessed through the provided link.