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25 January, 2022
MRU Offers Exceptional Conditions for Student Self-Isolation & Psychological Support
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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) has focused on ensuring the safety of students and staff. Taking into account the safety requirements set by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, MRU has been applying measures for a long time to stop the spread of coronavirus in the community. University students living in dormitories in Vilnius (Student House) are provided with free self-isolation accommodation in the event of COVID-19 or close contact with COVID-19. For students, who come to study, and if self-isolation is required by the National Center for Public Security (NVSC), the University covers 50% of the cost of self-isolation accommodation.


The MRU Student House offers exceptional conditions for students in self-isolation. Separate facilities are provided for both COVID-19 patients and students who have been in contact with the patient, as well as for students from abroad, if self-isolation is required. The isolation rooms are equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, kettles and separate entrances to the showers and toilets.


"For the self-isolation of students, we provide separate premises from the rest of the population - thus ensuring that the virus does not spread among the residents of the Student House. We have also considered the issue of food supply. The food ordered by the students is delivered to a separate room by the security guard, from which an isolated student can safely pick it up,” said Nijolė Jansonienė, the manager of MRU’s Student House.


There are 11 accommodation places for COVID-19 patients and 11 rooms for those arriving from abroad who need self-isolation. The number of rooms varies according to need. There are currently 22 rooms ready to accommodate about 80 people. The place of isolation does not cost extra for sick students.


"We believe that providing such facilities and care, encourages students to test immediately, when they feel symptoms - without worrying that they will have nowhere to isolate themselves, or will have to pay extra for accommodation for self-isolation," said Jansonienė.


 Information posters are displayed in all Student House dormitories and on the university premises. The administrators of the Student Houses are in constant contact with the residents, providing them with the most important information. "We are glad that the challenges posed by COVID-19 have been effectively overcome so far, and we hope that the situation will not change. It is obvious that as the number of infections in the country increases, we will respond promptly, and we will continuously consult with the responsible institutions,” said MRU Student House Manager Jansonienė.


Free Psychological Help

MRU provides free psychological assistance to students who have difficulty enduring a period of self-isolation or suffering from anxiety. MRU offers free psychological help. It is provided free of charge in both Lithuanian and English remotely or live - to all members of the MRU community. "The emotional well-being of every member of the community is not only important during a pandemic. Therefore, we encourage the use of other services provided by psychologists, such as mindfulness, relaxation, body scanning practices, light and sound therapy," added the head of the Psychological Counseling Department. Gustė Gramaglia.