MRU's Grand Duchy of Lithuania (LDK) Orchestra Makes Debut at Graduation Ceremonies - MRU

21 June, 2023
MRU’s Grand Duchy of Lithuania (LDK) Orchestra Makes Debut at Graduation Ceremonies
Faculty of Human and Social Studies
Faculty of Public Governance and Business

On June 22nd, 2023, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Grand Duchy of Lithuania (LDK) Orchestra will make its debut during graduation ceremonies on campus when graduates of  MRU's Law School, Public Governance and Business Faculty and the Faculty of Human and Social Studies will be awarded diplomas.

The first performance of the MRU LDK Orchestra, which is united by solidarity and a common mission, is a special event. Maria Mirovska, who conducts the Orchestra lives in Lithuania. She has brought together musicians not only from Lithuania, but also from Belarus and Ukraine. The latter were forced to flee their country after the beginning of Russia's War in Ukraine.

The mission of this Orchestra is not only to acquaint the university community, but also the general public, with rarely performed works by composers from historically and culturally close countries. It is the possibility to create a unique cultural musical space and unique interpretations of works of art, collaborate with bright soloists from these countries that has encouraged them to move forward with establishment of this Orchestra. It will help to popularize classical music.

The June 22nd concert of the MRU LDK Orchestra, at the end of the school year, will be their first public performance.

Academics from France Will Attend the Graduation Ceremony

More than 700 graduates of MRU are to be awarded diplomas during graduation ceremonies on June 22.  There are 244 graduates that will be awarded Bachelor's Degree diplomas. Almost 550 Master's Degree diplomas will be awarded. 

During the graduation ceremony, the title of MRU Honorary Professor will be bestowed on the President of the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (Université Savoie Mont Blanc - USMB) Prof. Dr. Philippe Galez.

MRU Senate members decided to award the title of honorary professor for the introduction of progress in higher education, the development of academic exchanges, the development of scientific research and successful long-term cooperation with Mykolas Romeris University.

University of Savoie Mont Blanc Dr. Eric Brunat will be awarded the title of MRU Honorary Member for his long-term cooperation and fostering of the joint MRU-USMB Master's Degree programme, "European and International Business Law".

"The University of Savoie-Mont-Blanc is a strategic partner of MRU's Law School. Both institutions created one of the most successful and one of MRU's first joint Master's Degree programs in English - "European and International Business Law." This year that programme marks its 10th anniversary.

During that period, 130 graduates from 12 countries completed this programme, and students performed legal internships in 25 different countries. They had a unique opportunity to study in a multicultural environment, to learn from academics from more than 10 countries. All this was achieved due to exceptional and solution-oriented mutual cooperation," said Prof. Dr. Virginijus Bitė, Head of this programme at Mykolas Romeris University.

On graduation day, MRU Rector Prof. Inga Žalėnienė will welcome MRU graduates, their relatives and guests gathered for the ceremonies. MRU community members will be recognized and presented awards for the best achievements.