MRU Rector Prof. Žalėnienė Discussed University "Success Story" with Alumni in Kaunas - MRU

14 June, 2023
MRU Rector Prof. Žalėnienė Discussed University “Success Story” with Alumni in Kaunas
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June 13th, 2023, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Rector Prof. Inga Žalėnienė discussed the University's success story with alumni in Kaunas. She led a delegation of MRU representatives to Kaunas to meet with alumni and discuss new areas of cooperation. The Rector also invited alumni from the Kaunas region to become mentors.

The Kaunas Alumni Meeting, held in the BLC Business Leader's Centre in Kaunas, was an opportunity for alumni to discuss various issues of concern with MRU management, Vice-Deans, Institute Directors and other university officials. 

"I am one of you - an alumni of MRU," said MRU Rector Prof. Žalėnienė addressing a room filled with University alumni.

"I am happy to be able to tell you about the history of the success of the University," she added. "It is great that together we can discuss how to strengthen our University and to create a commonality." The Rector told alumni about the development of the University noting that the youngest state higher education institution in Lithuania has grown and become the largest specialised social sciences and humanities university in Lithuania able to successfully compete in the research and studies sphere internationally. 

Various generations of alumni attended the Kaunas meeting including those who were of the first graduating class, after Lithuania declared its independence, of the Police academy and young alumni, who graduated just about a year ago.

Alumni expressed their opinions about what is the identity of an MRU graduate and enunciated typical characteristics, values and viewpoints. Most agreed that MRU graduates can be described as responsible with an ability to overcome complex situations and are community-minded and ready to help. They are also focused on achieving their goals.

MRU Law School Assoc. Prof. Marius Laurinaitis acquainted alumni with possibility to apply new technologies in law and the challenges involved. MRU Career Centre Head Laimutė Kodienė told alumni about lifelong learning, mentorships and the possibilities for participating in various University activities. 

The discussion entered on further opportunities for cooperation and studies and work priorities. Alumni had a chance to think back about their time at the University and meet old colleagues and lecturers. Some expressed interest in the MRU mentorship programme. Some MRU mentors participated in the meeting and shared their experience in helping MRU students achieve their goals. 

Most of the MRU alumni are successfully developing their careers in state institutions or companies or have even created their own businesses. 

This year MRU representatives met with alumni working in Marijampolė, Utena, Panevėžys and Klaipėda regions.