Students: Come to Seminars with "Journey Canada" Executive Director Toni-Dolfo Smith - MRU

8 June, 2023
Students: Come to Seminars with “Journey Canada” Executive Director Toni-Dolfo Smith
Faculty of Public Governance and Business
Faculty of Human and Social Studies

June 20th-21st, 2023, Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) Chaplain Father Petras Pich and Vilnius Academic Pastoral Center invite students to seminars for youth looking to improve themselves and their relationships. The leader of the seminar is "Journey Canada" Executive Director Toni Dolfo-Smith (Canada).

After graduating from Vancouver Regent College and obtaining a diploma in family and marriage counseling, Dolfo-Smith for the last 15 years has been involved in helping those with relationship problems, issues of shame and self-worth.  He has counseled pastoral communities, government workers, psychologists and therapists on various issues. Dolfo-Smith is a highly experienced guest speaker and will share his insights on the following topics:

June 20th - "I'm Tired of Running." Why Do I Feel So Inadequate?” (link)

The seminar will discuss the following: Why do so many people feel burned out and tired in modern society? Why are we involved in constant running, "busyness", and we are like "squirrels running in a circle"? Where does this endless running around take us? How does this relate to our self-worth? How to stop and listen to yourself and maintain a carefree spirit? You'll find answers in the seminar.

June 21st - "I'm Stuck." How to Build a Healthy Relationship?" (link)

The seminar will discuss the following issues: Why are relationships so complicated? What prevents us from creating and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, colleagues, and family members? How can a deep relationship with God help in relationships with people? How does knowing yourself and your sexuality change your relationship with another?

The program for both meetings will include a presentation by Tony Dolf-Smith. There will be an opportunity to ask questions,and for prayer.

Meeting times: 18:30-21:00;

Venue: "Domus Maria" Great Hall (Aušros Vartų St. 12);

More information about Toni Dolfo-Smith here.