The first cohort of MRU joint program students will receive their master's diplomas next week in Lisbon - MRU

28 July, 2023
The first cohort of MRU joint program students will receive their master’s diplomas next week in Lisbon
Faculty of Human and Social Studies

On the 2nd of August the Diploma Award Ceremony of Erasmus Mundus European Joint Master in Social Work with Children and Youth (ESWOCHY) will take place at Iscte (Portugal). The graduating students of the first cohort of this master's program will receive their diplomas during the ceremony.

Since 2020, Mykolas Romeris University, along with its partners, Riga Stradins University (RSU) in Latvia, Lisbon University Institute (Iscte) in Portugal, and Catholic University in Ružomberok (KU) in Slovakia, has been implementing the Erasmus Mundus program "Social Work with Children and Youth" (ESWOCHY). The total value of the project is 2,434,000 Euros. Every year, this program receives significant interest, and this year, there were 26 applicants for a single spot in the program. Only the most advanced students from around the world are selected for the program and receive a scholarship from the project funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs.

Each semester, the students study at a different university within the network, getting acquainted with the culture, social and education systems of that country, and establishing contacts with potential employers. ESWOCHY students are highly active, they travel extensively, engage in various social activities, write scientific articles, and participate in conferences.

ESWOCHY program not only brings students together but also fosters collaboration among educators for joint scientific activities. The master's program is presented at conferences, symposiums, joint publications are written, and experiences are shared. The program's management and implementation are collaborative, requiring significant effort to find common ground among the differences and unite different education systems, cultures, and traditions towards shared goals.

The ESWOCHY consortium has already made significant progress in implementing the program, and the third cohort of students will commence their studies from September 2023.