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Information for PhD students

Support for studies and research

How to get support for studies and research abroad (2011)

Academic ethics

About self-plagiarism:

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Ethics of academic literacy (citation, plagiarism). When using online information in their work, it is important to:  

  • remember to describe it properly. This applies not only to texts, videos and audio recordings, but also to freely accessible and permitted dissemination of information (open access scientific information, freely accessible images, videos, etc.)
  • to use it responsibly for personal needs (not to plaster, not to misappropriate the works of other authors, not to recycle, etc.).

Mykolas Romeris University Center for Academic Ethics. You can contact by email:
Lietuvos Respublikos akademinės etikos ir procedūrų kontrolieriaus tarnyba

Preparation of the thesis and defence

The dissertation must be an original scientific work, which includes the overview of previous scientific research related to the subject, thesis objective and goals, research methodology and also novelty and practical significance of the dissertation. Conclusions should be presented in a separate part of the dissertation. The dissertation also includes the curriculum vitae of the author and his/her list of scientific publications.

After the final preparation of the dissertation and its summary, the dissertation is defended in a public event (unless the thesis includes commercial confidentiality). During the defence, the doctoral candidate presents his/her thesis: research objectives and tasks, methodology, statements and main conclusions of the dissertation. The Board presents their opinions and participate in the scientific discussion after which the Board secretly votes for or against acknowledgement of doctoral degree award.

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From September 2015 at the Mykolas Romeris Univeristy for all academic and research papers is used APA (American Psychological Association) citation style or Chicago citation style. Detail information of citation.

Databases of dissertations:

Doctoral candidates' association

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