Psychological Support

MRU Psychological Consulting Department – Ready to Help You


MRU Community Well-being Center’s Psychological consulting Department is ready to help you to take care of your mental health. 

Address: Ateities g. 20, LT-08303, Vilnius
Room.: V-112

Head of Psychological Consulting Department: Gustė Gramaglia

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Individual consultations

MRU psychologists will help you find the answers within yourself and a way out. So, we encourage you to ask consultants questions about issues of concern. Confidentiality guaranteed. They will answer all your questions.

For members of MRU’s community we offer up to 6 free of charge consultations during one academic year!

Consultations can be held online or at the University. We invite you to choose your consultant and contact him about the time of the consultation!

If you want to book a consultation:

  • press here and choose your consultant
  • write an email to the consultant and agree on your first meeting!

If you feel trapped or lost, anxious or sad regarding your future or an unresolved issue or wrestle with self-doubt that is gradually growing and becomes a serious challenge to move forward and find the right solution to a problem, then don‘t ignore these negative emotions and the discomfort they cause. Don‘t live with the thought that it will all eventually go away. That is wasting your life‘s force and energy that you could put to use fulfilling your desires and ideas.

But what to do if you feel you‘ve lost your motivation? How best to take care of your needs and rediscover the joy of life, to get back in touch and meet your needs allowing you to live without stress? One of the solutions is to take responsibility for your quality of life using the help of professional psychologists and help yourself.


You can ask your questions here:

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Group activities

You can see group activities schedule and book your place here

IMPORTANT! January group activities will not be of service, please follow the news for February’s registration.

Group relaxation, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation:

Living in the fast pace of everyday life, we often forget to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, ignore our body signals. It is only after a long time that we realize how tense and tired we are. I invite you to join group sessions during which we will try different relaxation techniques, visualization exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation. We will learn to consciously relax different muscle groups and reduce the tension felt in our bodies. Each participant will try various relaxation techniques and discover the most suitable one for themselves, later will be able to practice relaxation techniques on their own.

Individual and group relaxation:

Individual and group meditation with mindfulness elements. During these sessions, we will practice purposefully directing and managing attention, focusing on the present moment, and not evaluating or judging but accepting what is happening. These practices will help to strengthen awareness and concentration, the ability to cope with stress, improve your productivity, become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, as well as be in the mode of “being,” not “doing.”

Positive Psychology Sessions:

The orientation of these sessions is – the desired goal and the individual’s strengths. The purpose of the consultations is to discover and foster individuals’ strengths, his protective factors and to aid the person to avoid various difficulties in the future. During these sessions, we will work with mindfulness techniques, behavior change, and strategies for coping with stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Room

Information will be available soon….

Volunteering at Psychological Consulting Department

If you also want to contribute to the improvement of emotional health at University – we invite you to join our volunteers!

Volunteers meet once a week, discuss the most relevant topics during the meetings, organize events, share useful information, prepare various recommendations or posts on relevant topics for the Facebook page and more!

If you see yourself in similar activities and want to contribute to the well-being of the Community – we invite you to register here and we will contact you for the next volunteer meeting!

The contribution of each of you is very important and can help create an emotionally supportive environment for work and study!