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Psychological Support

MRU Psychological Consulting Department – Ready to Help You


MRU Community Well-being Center’s Psychological consulting Department is ready to help you to take care of your mental health. 

Individual counselling sessions are provided on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS. To arrange the session send an inquiry to the e-mail provided below.

Address: Ateities g. 20, LT-08303, Vilnius
Room.: V-112

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Individual consultations

MRU psychologists will help you find the answers within yourself and a way out. So, we encourage you to ask consultants questions about issues of concern. Confidentiality guaranteed. They will answer all your questions.

For members of MRU’s community we offer up to 5 free of charge consultations during one academic year!

Consultations can be held online or at the University. Individual consultation sessions are provided on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS. MEET US.

Move forward and find the right solution to a problem, then don‘t ignore these negative emotions and the discomfort they cause. Don‘t live with the thought that it will all eventually go away. That is wasting your life‘s force and energy that you could put to use fulfilling your desires and ideas.

But what to do if you feel you‘ve lost your motivation? How best to take care of your needs and rediscover the joy of life, to get back in touch and meet your needs allowing you to live without stress? One of the solutions is to take responsibility for your quality of life using the help of professional psychologists and help yourself.

You can ask your questions here:

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Group activities

Group relaxation, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation:

Living in the fast pace of everyday life, we often forget to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings, ignore our body signals. It is only after a long time that we realize how tense and tired we are. I invite you to join group sessions during which we will try different relaxation techniques, visualization exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation. We will learn to consciously relax different muscle groups and reduce the tension felt in our bodies. Each participant will try various relaxation techniques and discover the most suitable one for themselves, later will be able to practice relaxation techniques on their own.

Individual and group relaxation:

Individual and group meditation with mindfulness elements. During these sessions, we will practice purposefully directing and managing attention, focusing on the present moment, and not evaluating or judging but accepting what is happening. These practices will help to strengthen awareness and concentration, the ability to cope with stress, improve your productivity, become aware of your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, as well as be in the mode of “being,” not “doing.”

Positive Psychology Sessions:

The orientation of these sessions is – the desired goal and the individual’s strengths. The purpose of the consultations is to discover and foster individuals’ strengths, his protective factors and to aid the person to avoid various difficulties in the future. During these sessions, we will work with mindfulness techniques, behavior change, and strategies for coping with stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Room

This relaxation room is for the MRU Community members. Different types of group activities like relaxation, light, sound and aroma therapy are organized here. Moreover, the professional psychologists of Psychological Consulting Department lead , during which you can get to know yourself better and learn new stress management techniques and rest at the end of the day.

In all these relaxations can participate all members of MRU Community. Room is located in Office II-211.

MRU employees can book the space for relaxation purposes.  


  • Choose the time of your preference
  • Get a confirmation of your booking
  • Show your reservation and get the key from the security guard at the main entrance
  • Once you have used the space, leave everything as you found it
  • Return the key to the security guard at the main entrance

Have a great relaxation!

Let’s take care of our emotional health and discover inner harmony!


Emotional support during crisis


Here you can find relaxation records recorded by our University psychologists:


Here you can find breathing exercises for relieving anxiety:


In case you need our help our psychologists are ready to help you by providing individual consultation (live or online) or group relaxation at our Relaxation room.

Please contact us: 



The worry tree helps us deal with Type 1 worries which are the worrying thoughts that seem to happen all the time.

Type 1 worries can be separated into two further categories:
-Hypothetical situations
-Current problems

Hypothetical situations are those “what if…?” thoughts about some terrible event that might happen. “My girlfriend said she would be back from the party hours ago – is she cheating on me?”
These kind of worries then, cause us a lot of anxiety, when there is perhaps little or nothing we can do about that situation, and we are over-estimating the odds of these things happening.

Current problems are those worries that relate to a real situation, that we can do something about. In which case, we can decide what to do, when and how – which will be much more helpful than just continually worrying about it.


The anxiety is something that we all experience from time to time. The experience of anxiety is our body’s way of preparing us to manage those difficult situations.

The source of information: