Social Technologies

Social Technologies programme is aimed to carry out interdisciplinary research on the opportunities of applying social technologies, its content, volume and trends as well as develop strategic tasks and recommendations how social technologies can empower transformations in different areas of social life.

Research Areas:
  • Application of social technologies in protecting human rights, realizing e-justice, improving management, harnessing corruption, diminishing poverty, stimulating  economic growth, protecting environment, educating society, promoting e-commerce, improving social well-being and other social benefits.
  • Technical, legal, political, economic and social obstacles hindering broader and more effective application of social technologies.
  • How and to what extent diverse instruments of informational technologies (mobile phones, short messages, internet, blogs, GPS, etc)  can help people to aspire for freedom, self-development, the rule of law as well as ease the communication and management in legal institutions, social justice organizations and courts, allow for a more efficient criminal case investigation.
  • Informational exclusion, analysis of informational literacy issues, etc.

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