Ongoing Projects - MRU

Ongoing Projects

Optimising forest management decisions for a low-carbon, climate resilient future in Europe (OptFor-EU), Nr. 101060554

Monetary valuation of soil ecosystem services and creation of initiatives to invest in soil health: setting a framework for the inclusion of soil health in business and in the policy making process (InBest Soil), Nr. 101091099

Science for Evidence-based and sustainabLe decIsions about NAtural capital (SELINA), Nr. 101060415

Enhancing proficiency of insolvency practitioners in applying EU law and fostering trust and understanding of European judicial culture via participatory training approach and blended learning (InsolEuPro),  Nr. 101046643

Higher Education Learning Community for Inclusion (HELCI), Nr. 2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000023320

Governance & Administration of Leisure and Sports International Master (GOALS), Nr. 101050239

New Approaches for Inclusive Informal Learning Spaces (NIILS), Nr. 2021-1-AT01-KA220-HED-000032122

European Joint Master Degree in Social Work with Children and Youth (ESWOCHY), Nr. 619857-EPP-1-2020-1-LT-EPPKA1-JMD-MO

Establishment of The Rectors Conference in Azerbaijan (ECAR), Nr. 618270-EPP-1-2020-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Cybersecurity Skills Alliance – A New Vision for Europe (REWIRE), Nr. 621701-EPP-1-2020-1-LT-EPPKA2-SSA-B

Internationalization and Virtual Exchange: Borderless between EU and Asian countries (HARMONY), Nr. 617223-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Human flourishing and non-alienated labour in the era of automatization, Nr. S-MIP-21-48

Psychological mechanisms of environmental citizenship education (ENVICI), Nr. S-MIP-21-60

Vulnerability, frailty. Interdisciplinary approaches to disease experiences and care in the elderly (VULNERAGE), Nr.24+VS(11.21-21601)-59

Developing climate awareness in primaryschool through augmented reality (B-GREEN-ED), Nr.KA220-HED-DF0474CA

Psychological resilience of older people: expression and experience in the face of challenges, Nr.S-PD-22-60

Comprehensive Assessment of the Country’s Circular Economy, Nr.S-PD-22-63

Tools to Ensure Effective Bankruptcy Proceedings of Entrepreneurs, Nr.S-PD-22-59

Modelling Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Framework for Start-ups at University, Nr.S-PD-22-70

Mapping and Assessment of Lithuanian national and regional Parks Ecosystem Services (MALPES), Nr.S-PD-22-64

Economic security of digitalization of investments, Nr.S-PD-22-55

Control and prevention of corruption crimes in Ukraine and Lithuania during the state of emergency and martial law, Nr.S-PD-22-66

Balance of local authority functions: Ukraine actualities in EU view, Nr.S-PD-22-65

The Expression of Sustainable Tourism Sector Development in the Regions from a Consumer Perspective Increasing the Competitiveness of the Regions, Nr.S-PD-22-56

Moral certainty versus moral objectivity: the perspective of personal ontology, Nr.S-PD-22-58

Mediation in family cases across the European Union. Is a new harmonized approach to Europe’s policy for solving family conflicts needed?? , Nr.S-PD-22-62

Freedom of Conscience in European Liberal Democracies and Muslim Law Tradition: Contemporary Legal Perspective, Nr.S-PD-22-61

Are Remote Criminal Proceedings Just and Fair Proceedings?, Nr.S-PD-22-57

The Dissemination of Teilhard de Chardin’s Ideas in the Diaspora and Lithuania, Nr.S-LIP-22-125

Digital Innovation For Lithuanian Industrial Development (DI4 LITHUANIAN ID), Nr.101083434

Cooperation for developing joint curriculum on tackling hybrid threats (HYBRIDC), Nr.2022-1-EE01-KA220-HED-000089329

Transforming Graduate Education for Green and Sustainable Future (T-GREEN), Nr. 101083014

Malicious actors profiling and detection in Online Social Networks through Artificial Intelligence (MARTINI), Nr.S-HIST-ERA-22-1

BIOdiversity and Transformative Change for plural and nature-positive societies (BIOTraCes), Nr.101081923

Coordinating and harmonising Generic and Specialist Support services for victims of gender-based violence (2Gether4Victims), Nr.101097005 – 996876082

HEIsCITI  – HEIs as Innovative Triggers of Sustainable Development in European Cities in Post Covid-19 era, Nr.KA220-HED-96EB51E1

mentUwell – Preserving youth mental wellbeing in wartime migration crisis, No. KA220-YOU-56353A27

EDTECH – Digital Transformation of Education, No. 10-004-P-0001

POL-COM A developmental and educational platform and gamified tools for training police officers and similar professionals, with respect to communications, (No. 2023-1-CZ01-KA220-VET-000167148)

WIN4SMEs – Regional and International Education Partnerships for Workplace Innovation in SMEs, No. 101143945

AGOPOL – Algorithmic Governance and Cultures of Policing: Comparative Perspectives from Norway, India, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa, No. 313626

Seeking justice for the victims of genocide, mass repression and war in Lithuania and Ukraine: law, history, memory, No. S-MIP-23-41

Building trust in science as a means of strengthening societal resilience to fake news in the context of climate change, No. P-VIS-23-57

DECOVEXP – Dementia and Covid19: experiences in care, No. JPNDWG2021-02

ENCORE – Empowering societal resilience by uncovering the mechanism behind the link between eco-anxiety and environmentally friendly consumption, No. P-VIS-23-8

DIGiRES – Building trust in science as a means of strengthening societal resilience to fake news in the context of climate change, No. P-VIS-23-57

MAFESUR – Mapping and forecasting ecosystem services in urbanised areas, No. S-MIP-23-76

ArtNoConflict – The Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Project, No. ERASMUS-EDU-2023-VIRT-EXCH 101139196