Sociological Research Laboratory - MRU

Sociological Research Laboratory


To reach positive impact upon society‘s development by using fundamental and applied sociological research, which will be grounded on classical and modern theory perspective including newest empirical knowledge, novel methodologies of social research and qualified human resources.


  • To analyze societies, social groups and individuals by conducting macro-, mezo- and micro-level sociological, comparative and interdisciplinary researches;
  • To provide services scientific expertise to institutions of public and private sectors, social partners, and other interested subjects;
  • To strengthen and broaden cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign sociologists’ academia through joint research and other scientific activities;
  • To develop the science of sociology through the dissemination of the research results in high-level national and international sociological and interdisciplinary scientific events and publications;
  • To educate the young generation of scientists who are able to apply and create innovations in sociological and interdisciplinary research.


Sociological Research Laboratory project activities

Name: Reasons and solutions for not receiving cash social assistance when entitled to it.

Project No. S-REP-21-6.

Project coordinator: Vida Česnuitytė.


Head Sociological Research Laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vida Česnuitytė