Lifelong Learning Laboratory


To create a suitable environment for interdisciplinary scientific knowledge formation and transfer to a lifelong learning system operating processes, to have a clear research direction and program, periodically actualized according to the external and internal needs.


  • Periodically analyse and evaluate lifelong learning and condition processes, based on integration of fundamental and applicable research, suitable to form a creative, responsible and open personality. (strategy “Lithuania 2030”);
  • To create lifelong researchers network, participate in international organizations and network activities, to strengthen lifelong learning and educational research scientific potential;
  • To reach new science-based solutions, closely cooperate with public authorities, educational institutions and the social partners in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Contribute to public policy objectives and measures of justification, assessment of the consequences by using research and expert activities, strengthen lifelong learning and the whole educational system.

Activity characteristics

  • Interdisciplinary Perspective;
  • Multi-level view to lifelong learning;
  • A systematic approach to lifelong learning;
  • Life-learning comparative research;
  • Evidence for lifelong learning policy decisions;
  • Integration of fundamental and applied research, while performing  educational, expert and advisory activities;
  • Participation in national and international networks;
  • Study and scientific integration.



Head of Lifelong Learning Laboratory
Prof. dr. Irena Žemaitaitytė