Justice Research Laboratory - MRU

Justice Research Laboratory


To be a globally-oriented, resourceful group of scholars and researchers that executive, modern and applied research with commercial value within the thematic spheres of the laboratory activities.


In view of the global economic and cultural globalization processes, to carry out social objects interdisciplinary research in the European Union and national legal and regulatory systems.


  • Training support to research scholars;
  • Advance the internationalization of the laboratory‘s activities;
  • Promote inter-disciplinary activities;
  • Publications in prestigious research journals;
  • Providing greater opportunities for involvement in the laboratory’s activities for doctoral and master students;
  • Coordination of national and international projects;
  • Research and training for contact.


Justice Laboratory project activities

Name: The “Portrait of a Judge”- multidimensional competency model for the evaluation, promotion and selection of judges.

Project No. 2018-1-0662.

Project coordinator: Salvija Mulevičienė.


Name: Addressing the privacy paradox 2: promoting high standards of data protection as a fundamental right in the workplace.

Project No. REC-RDAT-TRAI-AG-2020.

Project partner: Salvija Mulevičienė.


Name: Removing the tension between personal data protection and freedom of expression and information.

Project No. REC-RDAT-TRAI-AG-2020.

Project partner: Salvija Mulevičienė.


Name: Enhancing proficiency of insolvency practitioners in applying EU law and fostering trust and understanding of European judicial culture via participatory training approach and blended learning.

Project No. 101046643.

Project coordinator: Salvija Mulevičienė.


Name: Varieties of pressure actions in international debt recovery in the EU.

Project No. 831628.

Project partner: Dr. Darius Bolzanas.


Name: Support for Vilija’s Mongenytė’s academic trip.

Project No. P-DAK-22-11.

Project coordinator: Vilija Mongenytė.


Head of Justice Laboratory
Prof. dr. Salvija Mulevičienė
E-mail: kavalne@mruni.eu