Gender Economics Research Laboratory - MRU

Gender Economics Research Laboratory


To develop scientific research of gender equality in the fields of social and economic sciences emphasizing the social economic benefits of gender equality, to mainstream gender issues in the research of different other fields,  to participate in the formation of the policy of gender equality in Lithuania, in particular by conducting a gender impact assessment of the policies and decisions,  and to integrate the studies of Gender Economics into the general education process of Mykolas Romeris University.


High level internationally-oriented scientific research centre, actively participating in the research area both in Lithuania, EU and international level. It contributes to a more effective implementation of gender equality policies for the benefit of both women and men. It conducts innovative and relevant research on different gender-related issues, conducts gender impact assessment, promotes gender mainstreaming in different research and innovative trends of research, taking into account EU gender equality policies. It shares expertise, knowledge in the conferences, trainings, workshops, other national and international events.


  • To perform scientific research in the field of gender equality especially promoting international and interdisciplinary aspects of the research, integrate gender issues in the research of different fields;
  • To cooperate closely with the institutions responsible for implementation of the equality between women and men in Lithuania and the European Union, in particular European Institute for Gender Equality by conducting thematic research, surveys, developing studies, analytical information, performing gender impact assessment, providing knowledge and expertise, consultancy on developing gender equality plans, etc.;
  • To educate highly qualified scientific researchers, doctoral students, and to improve the research based studies of Gender Economics;
  • To prepare scientific publications in the field of gender equality;
  • To disseminate the results of scientific research of the Laboratory.