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Ask a Question

  • “Ask a Question” – a reference service that allows users to ask questions and receive information about the Library and its services.
  • Use the online form to send your questions.
  • We try to answer questions as soon as possible, usually within a few hours. However, for complex questions, it can take a few days to receive a response.

Available Computers

Bibliographical References List for Lecturers

  • Preparation of Bibliographical References List is free of charge for researchers and lecturers of the University.
  • The List is prepared within 10 working days.
  • The List is prepared by Subject Librarians on subjects of humanities and social sciences.
  • The user must complete a request form.
  • The completed request form must be sent to the Subject Librarian by e-mail.

Bibliographical References List for Students (paid service)

  • Bibliographical Reference List is a paid service.
  • To request a Bibliographical Reference List, please complete a request form.
  • The List is prepared within 10 working days and in case of urgent request - during 5 working days.
  • The service fee for MRU students:
  • 50 Eur - the request is executed within 10 working days
  • 100 Eur - the request is executed urgently within 5 working days
  • The service fee for non-University members:
  • 75 Eur - the request is executed within 10 working days
  • 150 Eur - the request is executed urgently within 5 working days
  • The List is prepared by Subject Librarians on subjects of humanities and social sciences.
  • The completed request form must be sent to the Subject Librarian by e-mail with the receipt of payment (PDF or JPG format). Preparation of the list begins when the receipt of payment is received.
  • Fees information.

Bibliometric Services

  • Bibliometric indicators are provided from Bibliographic Citation Databases. 
  • Bibliometric services are provided only for MRU academic staff.
  • Library offers:
  • author citation analysis – personal citation indexes of the author‘s publications;
  • H-index – citation of author‘s publications;
  • journal citation index (impact factor);
  • citation indexes of science fields – average citation of the exact category;
  • citation maps - related authors and articles;
  • largely cited journals of social sciences and humanities.
  • Bibliometric indexes may differ in various databases. For the comparison we also offer author’s h-index from Google Scholar database using Publish or Perish tool.
  • Send requests to natalija.popkova@mruni.eu or call (+370 5) 271 4667.

Book a Consultation

  • Book a Consultation service offers a 45 minute appointment with a Subject Librarian.
  • The service is available only for MRU lecturers and students.
  • The consultation can be booked by completing the Book a Consultation form.
  • It takes 2 working days to confirm your booking.
  • The meeting place (Building of the Library) is specified by the user, when completing the service request form.
  • Lecturers may invite a librarian to a lecture. The Librarian will introduce students to the databases most relevant for that discipline and assist with finding literature for academic tasks.

Book Lending

  • Books, whose location is indicated in the e-catalog as “Lending Department”, can be found in the open stacks.
  • Readers can use a self check-in machine to take books home. These machines are in the Lending Department and in the Library Hall. Readers must have a Student ID or Staff ID card. Readers can ask the Library staff for assistance.
  • Readers may have a limited number of books at one time: undergraduate students up to 30 books, graduate students up to 40.
  • For the readers, who have 3 (or more) overdue books, lending of the additional books is blocked.
  • The loan date of the book is specified in the cheque or in the Library electronic catalogue account.

Book Reservations

  • Books, whose storage place is specified as "Storage of Central Building”, must be ordered through the Library electronic catalogue at: mru.library.lt/en
  • Books, ordered from the Storage archives, must be checked-out and returned to the Information Desk.
  • Readers can order (reserve) the books from the Lending Department via Internet, if all the items of the required book are taken.
  • Executed orders are kept on the shelf for 3 days in the Lending Department.
  • Reader’s information about the order or cancellation of orders is sent to MRU e-mail.
  • If a reader does not take the reserved book during 3 days, the book is passed to the first reader waiting in a queue.
  • Readers can monitor their book order by connecting to their account in the Library electronic catalogue.

Book Renewals

  • A reader can extend the return deadline for a checked-out book online.
  • The system will not allow extending a deadline, if the book is ordered by another reader or the reader's debt for the overdue books reaches the amount of 9,90 Eur.
  • When leaving for vacation or temporarily interrupting studies, students must return all taken books.

Book Return

  • The reader must return the books at a specified date.
  • Fines on overdue publications are started to be count from the next day, when the return deadline of the publication has expired:
  • if the book is checked out until the end of the semester, the fine is 0,05 EUR for each working day that the book is overdue.
  • if the book is checked out shorter than the semester, the fine is 0,10 EUR for each working day that the book is overdue.
  • Readers, who are late to return books, get a receipt indicating the amount of fines to be paid.
  • The reader must bring a receipt of payment to the librarian at the Lending Department.

Book a Workplace

  • The desk as a workplace in the Group Study Room (CB I-017) can be booked in advance.
  • To book or cancel workplace login here.
  • User name – MRU email user name, password - MRU email user password.
  • 10 hours – maximum time for which the desk can be booked for the one time working session.
  • It is necessary to choose „Save“ button to complete the booking.

Call Number

  • The call number of the book marks the location of the book on the shelves.
  • The call number is written on the back cover of the book.
  • The call number consists of the section number (according to Universal Decimal Classification system, the UDC) and the author's sign. Inside the section, the books are placed in alphabetical order by the author's name. First, according to the Lithuanian alphabet, continued - Latin (English, German, and other) and Cyrillic alphabets.
  • If the call number is 341 ŽA-32, the sequence number 341 (according to UDC - International Law) refers to the section, where you need to look for books. Author's sign ŽA-32 indicates, that the book must be searched by the Lithuanian alphabet letter Ž. 

Connecting to the Computers

  • To connect to the Library computers, students have to activate the MRU student's e-mail.
  • Connecting to the Library computers:
  • Login name: stud\MRU student's e-mail user name (until @)
  • Password: MRU student’s e-mail password

Connecting to the University's Wireless Network

  • All University students and staff can use the Eduroam service in Lithuania and foreign countries (participating in the project).
  • Connecting to the Eduroam network, both, staff members and students use the computer workstation user names and passwords, by adding an email address ending to the user name. The staff members adds @mruni.eu, students - @stud.mruni.eu.

Connecting to University Wi-Fi Network (for not MRU Community Members) (paid service)

  • For visitors who would like to use University Wi-Fi network temporary user ID and password are issued:
  • 7 days – price 4 EUR
  • 1 month - price 8 EUR
  • 3 months – price 12 EUR
  • 6 months – price 16 EUR
  • 12 months - price 20 EUR
  • User ID and password are provided within 2-3 working days after a visitor has filled in a request form and provided payment receipt (Fee information).
  • A 50% discount is available for University graduates.
  • The filled request form and payment receipt should be submitted to the Librarian or sent by email abonementas@mruni.eu.

Databases from Home

  • The Library offers remote access to the subscribed databases by EZproxy system, which allows the use of the subscribed databases outside the University campus.
  • If you are the University lecturer, please, use the same login information as to computers at University campus to connect to the system. If you are a student, please, use your MRU email’s name and password as login information.

Disability Resources

  • The library is equipped with specialized software and other equipment for vision and motor impaired users. 2 working places with specialized software are located in Grand Reading Room (I-04).
  • These working places are installed with:
  • JAWS 14 for Windows - is a computer screen reader program that allows blind and visually impaired users to read the screen using synthesized speech;
  • Win Taker Voice 1.6 – is a computer screen reader that allows to read screen using synthesized speech in Lithuanian language;
  • SuperNova Magnifier 13.03 – computer screen magnifier;
  • Keyboard, adapted to visually impaired users;
  • Alternative mouse for motor impaired users.
  • In Grand Reading Room Braille Display with note taking functionalities ESYS 1.04, Braille Embosser and desktop video magnifier can be used. There are ergonomic furniture as well – a specialized tables and chair.


  • Relevant Library notices on book orders, terms of books return, etc. are sent for the readers by e-mail.
  • An e-mail account is created for all University students. It must be activated using MRU e-mail system: http://stud.mruni.eu/en
  • If you are using a non-MRU e-mail, please, let us know.
  • Your MRU e-mail can be activated either from home or from the University computers in the lobby.

Fee for Overdue Books

  • Fines for overdue books are started to calculate from the next day, when the returning term of the book has expired:
  • if the book is checked out until the end of the semester, the fine is 0,05 EUR for each working day that the book is overdue.
  • if the book is checked out shorter than the semester, the fine is 0,10 EUR for each working day that the book is overdue.
  • The fee counting ends only when the book is returned. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please pay the fine and bring the receipt to a library employee at the Lending Department.
  • If the fee for overdue books reaches the amount of 9,90 Eur, further borrowing of books is blocked.
  • Information about the books taken from the Library and fees is at: mru.library.lt/en by selecting an icon "Login".
  • Fees information.

Fees for Library Services

  • All fees for Library services can be paid:
  • using the FoxBox machine in the hall of the University;
  • at the bank or through electronic banking platform: 
  • AB Swedbank - LT85 7300 0100 0249 2590  
    Bank Code - 73000  
    Reference No. - 102962  
    The Name of Tax - "for library services”    
  • AB SEB bank - LT95 7044 0600 0773 4526  
    Bank Code - 70440  
    Reference No. - 102962  
    The Name of Tax - "for library services”    
  • AB DNB bank - LT16 4010 0424 0354 4858  
    Bank Code - 40100  
    Reference No. - 102962  
    The Name of Tax - "for library services”    
  • Information about completed payment must be presented to library staff or sent to e-mail: abonementas@mruni.eu

Information on Borrowed and Ordered Books

  • Information about borrowed and ordered books, return deadlines, fees, books checked out earlier can be found by searching the electronic catalogue at mru.library.lt/en by selecting an icon "Login".

Interlibrary Loan

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a loan that allows to obtain publications from other libraries.
  • ILL services are available only to the members (whose do not have any debts to the Library) of the MRU community with a valid student ID card or staff ID card.
  • The ILL service from Lithuania libraries is free of charge, the ILL service from abroad libraries is 5 € for each sent document.
  • Ordering is proceeded only for those publications that are not in Vilnius libraries.
  • Publications may be ordered by e-mail: interlibrary-loan@mruni.eu or Library ILL office (CI-021) by completing the order form.
  • Orders are executed within 14 to 30 calendar days.
  • Publications, received through ILL can be read only in the Library Reading Rooms.

Library Services for Visitors (not MRU Community Members)

  • Services to visitors are provided only in the Library’s Reading Rooms and they have access to the publications which are located in the open funds. Visitors of the MRU Library can’t check-out books. 
  • Visitors who want to use the Library are issued a temporary valid card.
  • The price is 20 Eur. The Reader's Card is valid for one year.
  • A 50% discount is available for University graduates.

Print, Copy, Scan

  • Print, copy and scan is a self-service.
  • Payment for the service can be optional:
  • 1 €, 2 € or 5 € value voucher (available to purchase it in the Foxbox terminal);
  • Black&white one-sided A4 print or copy price – 0,04 €, color one-sided A4 print or copy price – 0,29 €.
  • Black&white one-sided A3 print or copy price – 0,08 €, color one-sided A3 print or copy price – 0,58 €.
  • Scan price – 0,01 € per sheet.
  • Send the document to print from:
  • The sheet with some color in the text will be automatically printed for the color print price if the print settings are not changed to black&white only.
  • The system automatically logs out if no action is taken within 180s. The University would take no responsibility if the expense benefited from another person account.
  • Manual for the users

Reading Rooms

  • When looking for a publication in the electronic catalogue of the Library, you should pay attention in which Reading Room the publication is located. Writing down its call number would help to find it.
  • Librarians can only consult readers how to find the publications, however, the publications should be found by readers themselves.
  • Books and other publications from the Reading Rooms cannot be checked out.
  • Please keep silence and turn off the sound of your mobile phones when in the Reading Rooms.

  Searching the Catalogue

  • If you want to find a book, please search the MRU Library electronic catalogue at mru.library.lt/en. Pay attention to the location of the book.
  • The call number marks the location of the book on the shelf.
  • The call number is written on the back cover of the book.
  • If you cannot find the book by searching the e-catalogue, it means that there is no such book in the Library.

  Search Strategy

  • The service is available for MRU students only.
  • The Search Strategy can be ordered by completing the Search Strategy form. The completed form should be sent to a Subject Librarian by e-mail.
  • In the Search Strategy, the Librarian indicates relevant information resources and tools on a particular topic, recommend keywords the user should use in information search process and advice how to properly create a search query.
  • The Search Strategy is fulfilled within 5 working days.
  • Upon the user's request, personalized consultations are available.

  Short Term Loan

  • Short-term lending of publication is a service that allows users to check-out publications, which are marked not for loan in the electronic catalogue of the Library.
  • This service is available to all University community members who have no Library debts.
  • Publications must be returned to the Library on the next working day.
  • A user can borrow no more than two short-term-issued publications at one time.
  • The fee is 1 Eur for each working day that the publication is overdue.
  • If the reader is late in returning books for one working day, the possibility of borrowing books is limited.
  • Encyclopedias, albums and other rare and valuable books are not for loan.

  Skype Consultation with a Subject Librarian

  • Skype consultation on searching for the scientific information is a service only for the MRU academic community.
  • The view of the computer desktop is demonstrated to the user with verbal comments.
  • User must have a Skype account. Headphones, microphone or other means of the remote communication are required.
  • Skype name: MRUbiblioskype
  • Find and call or message Subject Librarian using Skype.
  • Consultations are available during working hours of Subject Librarians. Consultation duration – up to 45 min.
  • Date and time of the consultation can be agreed in advance by sending an e-mail letter to konsultacija@mruni.eu or by filling the request form „Book a Consultation“.

  Suggestions for Purchase

  • The Library welcomes suggestions for the acquisition of materials, which support the University's teaching and research programs.
  • Before suggesting a book or other materials, please check the Library catalogue to make sure that we don't already have what you're looking for.
  • If we don't have a particular item and you would like to recommend it for purchase, please use the Suggest a Publication form.
  • Students must provide the name of the lecturer with whom the suggestion was discussed.
  • If you wish to suggest more than one book, please use the Book order form and send it to jalmone@mruni.eu. In addition, this form must be signed by the Head of the Department and should be passed on to the Head of Information Resource Acquisition Department Almonė Jakubčionienė (Ateities st. 20, Room: I-103, Tel.: (+370 5) 271 4724).

Training Sessions

  • MRU Library organizes regular training sessions for students and faculty staff.
  • Library offers wide scope of training in Lithuanian. Training on different topics are held on users’ demand:
  • “General searching for the scientific information“;
  • “Searching for the scientific information in the subscribed databases“;
  • “Reference management tools: Mendeley and Zotero“;
  • “Electronic books „workshop“: how to find, download and use the e.book“;
  • Contact your Subject Librarian for the detailed information and to book a training session in English.

Working in the Library at Night

  • Library services during Night Hours are available only for users with a valid Student ID Card, reader's card or staff ID card.
  • Library Night Hours begin at 19:00 hrs. Users are allowed in until 24:00 hrs. 
  • Extended opening hours of the Library do not apply for public holidays and summer holidays.
  • Before using the Library during the Night Hours, users have to familiarize themselves with the Library rules.
  • All users, when using the Library during the Night Hours, must present an ID card.
  • Library staff consultations are not available during the Night Hours.
  • Ateities st. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Editor: Snieguolė Zalatorė
  • Tel.: (+370 5) 271 4739
  • E-mail: snieguole@mruni.eu
  • www.mruni.eu
  • Company VAT code: LT119517219.