How to find a book in Library Catalogue?

  1. Go to Library Catalogue ⇒ http://mru.library.lt/en and do the search.

  • Enter search word or phrase.
  • Select which field you want to search (Any word, Author, Title, etc.).
  • Press “Search”.

2. You get the result list.

  • In the Location column you can see in which Library the item is located.
  • If you press on the number, you will get detailed information about the book.

3. Pay attention to where the book is located, write down the Call number.

  • Call number 36 So-15 indicates the place of a book on the shelves.
  • Pay atention to Loan terms and the sublibrary and room/ collection where the book is located. Books located at the Lending Department can be borrowed. 
  • If a book from the Lending Department is already borrowed by another user, the return date will be indicated under the Loan terms column. 

How do I log in to my account in Library Catalogue?

  1. Go to Library Catalogue ⇒ http://mru.library.lt/en
  2. Select “Login” and enter your MRU e-mail user name and password, choose if you are a student or an employee.

      3. Review your account by selecting “My account” on the menu bar.

How to extend the borrowing term of a book?

  1. Log in to your account in Library Catalogue.
  2. Choose “Loans/renewals” and press on the indicated number.

     3. Check the box by the publication you want to renew and press “Renew Selected” . If you choose “Renew All”, then the system will automatically extend the borrowing term of ALL your borrowed publications.


Why can't I extend the borrowing term of a book?

The system will not allow extending borrowing term:

  • If the book has been reserved by another Library user;
  • If you are late to return more than 2 books;
  • If your fine for late returning books exceeds 9,90 EUR;
  • If you are late to return a book, which was borrowed for a night.

Do I have to make a reservation if I want to borrow a book?

  • If a book is for loan in the Lending Department, you don’t need to make any reservation. The book can be checked out any time.
  • If a book from the Lending Department is taken by another user, you can make a reservation of it and be informed when the book has been returned.
  • You always have to make a reservation of a book, if it is placed in the Storage of the Library.

How do I reserve/ order a book?

  1. Conduct a search in the Library Catalogue.
  2. In the field “Location” choose the Library branch from which you want to order a book.
  3. Under the column “Due date” you can see if the book is checked out and when it should be returned. If there is no date indicated in this column, you do not need to order the book, you are able to take it from the Library. If all the books are borrowed, you can make a reservation of a book, by clicking “Request”.


       4. When making a request, the system will as you to login to your user account in the Library catalogue. The user name and password are the same as your MRU email username and password.

        5. After the login, you get a possibility to enter the date till when you will be waiting for the requested book. Press “Order” after that.

6. You can review you order status at your account in the Library Catalogue under “Hold Reguests”. When your order is completed, you will be notified by MRU e-mail.






How many books can I borrow from the Library?

Bachelor degree students can borrow up to 30 books, Master degree students – up to 40 books, lecturers – 50 books.

Can anyone else return the book that I have borrowed?

Yes, anyone can return your borrowed books.

Can I return books when the Library is closed?

Yes, you can return borrowed books anytime by using the Drop Box by the Library entrance.