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Scientific Publications

Mykolas Romeris University faculty members and doctoral students have a possibility to register their research publications in the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa). Researchers are able to get the bibliographical lists and e-documents of the issued publications from eLABa. Information from eLABa is used for ordinary and extraordinary staff certification, competition for job positions as well as scientific degree and annual University research output reports.

Publications are registered to the National Repository eLABa PDB by completing the registration form and adding a copy of publication in PDF or open access link. The registration order of publications is determined by “The regulation for submitting e-documents into eLABa” adopted by MRU Rector’s Order. University researchers must register all publications immediately after the release and appearance in the press.

How to register publications

  • University researchers register and submit publications with Mykolas Romeris University affiliation in the eLABa PDB. Authors with a current position at the University should login to with University network username and password. While logging in select the institution of Mykolas Romeris University.
  • For registration: Documents → Document management → New document.

  • For searching of authors registered publication: Documents → Document management → Search.

  • For generating the bibliographical list: Others → Reports.

  • Publications for the current year report must be registered within 10 days after the formation of report.

  • When having some difficulties in the system, new publications can be sent by e-mail

  • All questions concerning MRU Publication Database (eLABa PDB) and publications registration should be addressed to