For lecturers

Key Tools for Distance Learning: Moodle Environment

What You Need to Know About the Moodle Platform

You do not have to worry about connecting to your subject course environment – MRU creates virtual studies course environments (according to the studies form) for lecturers and you are automatically included.

You will manage your taught subject course environment transferring and updating learning materials and organizing activities as outlined in the University’s ascribed Order.

All the information that is transferred into the studies course environment is saved. The following semester you will find the learning materials that were included previously and you will be able to change, update information, tasks, tests and other activities. Your subject course environments remain the same. Only students change.

How to Connect Students to the Subject Course Studies Environment?

Students in the current semester are automatically connected to the subject course studies environments (according to the studies plan). Having successfully completed the semester (positive evaluation) students are disconnected, but those having not completed (with academic debts) not.

Students returning from academic vacation and having to take exams can register to the studies course themselves or open a window and sign in with a key. More information available in the Moodle Handbook.

Students, studying according to the Erasmus programme, can sign up for studies courses themselves using the Erasmus sign-up key.