For staff and University visitors - MRU

For staff and University visitors

National Certificate (Covid passport) will discontinue as of 5 February. More information.

The following safety requirements are in place for University staff and visitors

University visitors are welcome on campus taking all safety measures:

  • employee physical contact with University visitors is limited and a distance of at least 1 meter is necessary or separating the work place from visitors with a barrier;
  • it is recommended that employees coming into contact with University visitors wear masks.

Responsible University staff members must ensure that:

  • Work facilities would be aired and ventilated at least 1 time per hr. or, if possible, continuously;
  • facilities, where persons congregate, must be ventilated before arrival of persons who will be there and during every break/free period;
  • surfaces that persons often come into contact with and touch (learning materials, door handles, door frames, table tops, chair frames, handles, electricity sockets, etc.) must be continuously cleaned with a special cleaning liquid especially for cleaning surfaces and at least 2 times per day;
  • after each group’s use, facilities must be ventilated and cleaned, if organizing the activities common use areas are used (auditoriums, halls, etc.);
  • that learning materials and inventory be cleaned and disinfected, if more than one person used the materials or inventory;
  • at the entrance to University employee work offices dealing with students and other interested persons, that there would be adherence to marked distances by the Building Management team between waiting individuals/students.

When organizing studies and work at the University, medical masks or respirators are recommended, and a distance of 1 meter must be adhered to in common facilities and enclosed areas. 

Persons organizing University events must adhere to regulations issued by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania – decisions of state-level extraordinary situations Operations Head Regarding Necessary Conditions of Organization of Cultural and Other Events and those in effect the day of the event.

A person at the University who develops fever (37,3°C or more) or signs of severe respiratory disorders or other infectious diseases, (fever, runny nose, heavy breathing, etc.) must without delay immediately leave University premises and seek advice contacting the Coronavirus Hotline for consultations (tel. 1808) or contact your family doctor.