Study Process and Work Organisation at MRU 

Work and study at the University is organised as normal as before the pandemic.

Once again, we would like to remind you of the well-known recommendations to help you protect yourself against various viruses:

  • in public, enclosed places and public transport, it is still recommended to wear protective face masks or respirators;
  • keep a safe distance (at least 2 metres) from others in enclosed areas;
  • remember coughing and sneezing etiquette and do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Stay safe and healthy!

General Prevention Measures

  • It is recommended for persons entering the University to wear medical face masks or respirators.
  • In order to prevent the spread of infection, do not forget that it is necessary to properly wear face masks. it is important that the mask cover not only the mouth but also the nose. Watch the film to see how to properly wear a face mask and to take it off.
  • A person who develops a fever (37,3°C or more) or has symptoms of severe respiratory disorders or other infectious diseases, (fever, runny nose, heavy breathing, etc.) must without delay immediately leave University premises and seek medical advice by calling the Coronavirus hotline for consultations (tel. 1808) or call their family doctor.
  • If a case of COVID-19 is detected among a member of the University community participating in the studies process (including an administrative employee), studies will be organized remotely until a separate decision of the University Rector.
  • Remember to properly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; after washing your hands you should not touch the faucet or door handle – it is recommended to use a paper towel. Watch the film to see how to properly wash your hands. 

Preventive Measures During the Studies Process

  • In the auditoriums, participants of the study process shall respect a safe distance at least 1- meter and wear mask.
  • While waiting for activities in common areas, persons shall respect a safe distance at least 1-meter and it is recommended to wear masks.
  • If, in the auditorium, at least a 1-meter safe distance can be respected.
  • Whenever possible, students are asked to sit in the same place in the auditorium.
  • Schedules are designed to ensure as little movement of students as possible from one auditorium to another.
  • In lectures and seminars it is mandatory to mark the attendance of students who have entered the auditorium. The Lecturer may ask you to mark your participation yourself using the Moodle attendance marking tool.
  • Lectures and seminars are held in auditoriums where constant ventilation is ensured.
  • Classrooms and their surfaces (educational tools, door handles, door frames, table tops, etc.) are cleaned/disinfected at least twice a day or after every change of student groups.
  • Napkins will be placed in computer classrooms, with which students shall clean common tools (computer keyboard, mouse) before and after use.

If due to COVID-19 infection or related factors you are unable to come to the University physically and participate in the study process, or if you are at risk and must isolate, contact your study manager for special authorization to attend classes remotely. Address your request to the Dean of the Faculty where you are studying. Indicate in the application the reasons why you cannot participate in the classes at University campus. Once the Dean has made a decision, the Lecturer will give you the opportunity to participate in classes remotely.

The organisation of Events at the University During the Pandemic

Persons organizing University events adhere to regulations outlined by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania at the state level of the State of Emergency Operations, “Regarding Necessary Conditions for the Organization of Cultural Events and other Entertainment Organization in force on the Day of the Specific Event.” More information about COVID-19 is available on the Corona Stop internet website here.

Useful information:


COVID-19-related restrictions

Quarantine in the entire territory of Lithuania from 7 November 2020, until 30th of June, 2021. From 1st of July, 2021 – NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY.

COVID-19-related restrictions can be found HERE

Most Important Contacts

  • Coronavirus Hotline: tel. 1808.
  • National Public Health Centre (NVSC) tel. +(370 5) 264 9676.

  • Mykolas Romeris University Security Personnel:
    Vilnius1st building foyer – tel. (+370 5) 271 4747; 2nd building foyer – tel. (+370 5) 271 4647.
    Kaunastel. (+370 37) 281 411.