Mediation LL.M. (Graduate)

Heads About the Programme

• Prof. Dr. Natalija Kaminskienė
The study program is aimed at those who are looking for a “different” studies, which combine closely law and psychology, who want to embark on an independent career as a mediator.

• Prof. Dr. Agnė Tvaronavičienė
The distinguishing feature of the program is the charismatic team of higly accredited (CEDR, MiKK, Network of Cross-Border Family Mediators etc.) interdisciplinary team of lecturers-practitioners (lawyers, psychologists, educologists) in the field of mediation, who created the program "from the idea" and "wholeheartedly", from faith in mediation and peaceful dispute resolution.

Key academic staff

Assoc. prof. dr. Natalija Kaminskienė, CEDR accredited mediator, former attorney, Director of National Courts Administration of Lithuania.
Prof. dr. Agnė Tvaronavičienė, CEDR acredited mediator, former Chairperson of Lithuanian Court of Arbitration, Chairperson of National Mediators‘ Qualification Exam Commision.
Assoc. prof. dr. Rokas Uscila, mediator, Chairperson of Lithuanian Chamber of Mediators.
Prof. dr. Jolanta Sondaitė, expert of cross boarder mediation, Mikk certified mediator.

Our Goals

Upon Mediation LLM graduation our students will:
  • gain extensive and systematic knowledge about different ways of resolving disputes, their peculiarities, applicability, pros and cons;
  • be able to advise the parties to the dispute on the most appropriate way to resolve a particular dispute;
  • have the necessary knowledge and practical skills to carry out the mediation procedure professionally and / or to properly represent their clients in mediation.

Basic Information about the programme 

  • Locale: Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius Lithuania + .
  • Field: Law
  • Tuition fees: for non-EU citizen - 3120 EUR per year ; for EU citizens – 2240 EUR per year (2019 m.)
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Language: English
  • Curriculum is well-balanced and exhaustive (law and psychology) oriented towards the development of practical skills. Subjects are taught in modules. Classes are taking place weekdays from 4.15 pm till 9 pm. At one period students study only one subject. Students are given access to all the recordings of the lectures. For those who are not able to come physically the lectures are broadcasted online according to the confirmed schedule. 
  • Note: Each semester there might be a schedule of exams and practical exercises given to the students. At that period it is compulsory to attend the University and to enroll in the exam, practical exercises. 

I semester
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mediation Theory and Practice
Negotiations in Legal Disputes
Restorative Justice
Conflict Management
II semester
Family Mediation
Evaluation and Characterization of Dispute Parties in Mediation
Peculiarities of International Dispute Resolution
Commercial Mediation or Intercultural Communication
Freely chosen subject from the list of master degree level MRU courses

Entry Requirements

Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent first university degree (3-year study duration minimum) of Law.
• English level: At least a B2 level of English proven by a certification (IELTS or TOEFL): the certification can be organized by long distance

Job Opportunities

Having graduated from the Mediation LLM, individuals can work as dispute settlement specialists, representatives (councell) to the parties to the dispute, negotiators, mediators or conciliators in the future. It is likely that a large part of LL.M. graduates will be interested in providing mediation services, the other - using their acquired competencies in mediation assisting the parties involved in the dispute as consultants, others - will become professional dispute resolution specialists capable of identifying the most appropriate way of solving the problem according to the characteristics of the particular dispute and its parties.

Social Partners

Lithuanian Chamber of Mediators, Bulgarian Mediators‘ Association, University of Graz Conflict Resolution Center, Italian Mediation Center Concilia, Yaroslav Wise National Law University (Ukraine), Turiba University (Latvia) and others.

Students About the Programme

• Kateryna Manetska, potential student from Ukraine
When I got an information about the possibility to study Mediation LL.M in Vilnius I made my decision immediately . Currently I am enrolled in a Private Law Master programm at Mykolas Romeris Law school. Love this university and opportunities, which are provided for students here. As mediation is my big passion, the very first thing I did, when I came to MRU was introducing myself for the professors, who are teaching mediation. I am interested in this amical dispute resolution method since my bachelor degree studies at Taras Sevcenko National University of Kiev and during the time I was always involved in different meditation activities. It connects law with communication, psychology and helps me to develop my soft skills, which are so necessary for the contemporary lawyer. MRU gave me outstanding possibilities to develop my skills. It‘s a honour for me to be a member of MRU team in Mediation tournaments. We got a victory in Poland (2019) and now we are actively preparing for the tournament in USA in March!
I hope to start studies in Mediation LL.M program in the autumn 2020. Join me! It promises one more year of exploring peacemaking, participation in various tournaments, getting accounted with the great mediation specialists and building your competences as a mediator.

 • Robertas Mackevičius, student of Mediation master degree program, which is operating from the 2011 (in Lithuanian language), Lithuania
Congrats! Finally, MRU Mediation school steps into international market! I am studying Mediation in MRU (in Lithuanian language) and have never regretted it. What is so special about it? Definitely professors and the content of the curriculum. Great people, great subjects. Every lesson gives me something new: knowledge, skills, experience, appreciation, critique, advices. I strongly recommend MRU as your Mediation LL.M destination. Use this opportunity and help to wake up a mediator inside You!

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