European Union Law and Governance (Graduate)

→ Heads About the EULAWG Programme

• Prof. Dr. Regina Valutytė, Programme Director (MRU):

The alliance of two Universities offers a unique opportunity to study EU law in a multicultural environment. EU law has become part of every area of day-to-day life thus every lawyer has to master this legal environment. The EULAWG Programme accelerates the careers of the graduates and empowers the students to take leading positions in private and public entities.

• Prof. Dr. Sébastien Platon, Programme Director (Bordeaux):

The EULAWG Programme is an innovative programme pooling the expertise of two leading universities in the field of European Union Law. It allows the students to acquire advanced skills and knowledge in the theory and practice of EU Law and policies, with teachers and students coming from all over Europe.

→ Strengths

Two Diplomas from European Universities: Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), Bordeaux University (France).
Eminent Professors: Prof. Sebastien Platon, Prof. Olivier Dubos, Prof. Raimondas Moisejevas, Prof. Catherine Gauthier, etc
• Field knowledge: Expertise in European Union law
• Internship: Students can practice in various organization worldwide e.g., French Chamber of Commerce (LT), Western Union (LT), Competition Council (LT), French Ministery of Europe and Foreign Affairs (FR), UNHCR Vilnius (LT).

→ Characteristics

Locale: Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Field: Law
Tuition fees: for non-EU citizen - 3120 EUR per year; for EU citizens – 2398 EUR per year (as well as state funded positions)
Duration: 1,5 years
Credits: 90
Language: English

Note: During the autumn semester, all classes, taught by both Lithuanian and French teachers, take place remotely in the virtual study environment “Moodle”.There is no student mobility in the program.

→ Structure

• Lectures and seminars given by Lithuanian and French professors 
• Master thesis: 30 credits
• Subjects are taught in modules.
• The total duration of classes during the autumn semester is 8 weeks. Classes of one module last 1-2 weeks and take place on weekdays from 6 pm.

→ Content of Lectures

     •First Semester

     •Second Semester

     •Third Semester

Internal Market Law and Economic and Monetary Union

Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion Policy

Master Thesis

European Union Litigation

Area of Justice, Freedom and Security

European Union Foreign Policy and External Relations

European Union Environmental Law

Institutional System of European Union

European Union Competition Law

Common Commercial Policy and International Economic Questions


Personal Data Protection

Public Procurement Law

→ Job Opportunities

The Programme demonstrates excellent employment possibilities after graduation. Our graduates frequently take/took leading positions in national institutions, such as European Law Department under the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court (Lithuania), Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality (Spain), EU bodies, e.g. ECB, international organizations and their agencies, for example, UNRWA, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, private international companies and organizations, e.g. Eurochambres, national companies, for instance, Lietuvos energija, law firms, and universities.

→ Entry requirements

Degrees:Bachelor's degree of law or an equivalent first university degree with a minimum 3-year study duration
English level: At least a B2 level of English proven by a certification (IELTS or TOEFL) : the certification can be organized by long distance
General: Basic EU law knowledge and a strong motivation to study EU law

→ Students Experiences

• Simas Grigonis, Graduate, PhD student at Mykolas Romeris University:

Not only EULAWG programme offers the necessary tools to comprehend EU legal architecture, but also is considered as one of the leading EU law programmes in the Eastern Europe by the employers. The knowledge I have acquired were essential in obtaining various positions in law firms and private sector companies and, ultimately, encouraged me to pursue further EU law knowledge in PhD studies. Picking EULAWG was one of the best choices I have ever made.

• Anyssa Fatmi and Pauline Lapointe, current French Students:

After a 1st year of Master degree in European Law at Bordeaux University (in France), we were looking for a Second year abroad while having the possibility to obtain a 2nd year Master degree (French Diploma). The EULAWG Programme was offering exactly what we were looking for: lectures in English given by specialist and eminent Professors coming from Lithuania and France, a flexibility on the schedule of lectures allowing students to work, having an internship or just enjoy to our time here, and last but not least, a more interactive way of approaching the lectures with a true participation of the students during lectures or seminars. We also took part in a moot court, a conference, visited the Money Museum and the Lithuanian Central Bank, etc.
The Programme offers us the possibility to make an internship (French Chamber of Commerce in Vilnius and French Minister of Foreign Affairs in Paris), and to volunteer at the University at the International Office.
We still have to write our thesis as the last step before being graduated, but it will be an interesting and formative exercise that we have not always the opportunity to make in France.

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