English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign Language (Undergraduate)

Why this study programme?

The programme is aimed at preparing specialists of English and one other foreign language and communication for specific purposes (public administration, business and law). The students of the programme acquire general philological education and practical knowledge and skills necessary for the modern-day employment market. The scope of studies covers languages of European communication (English and French/German) or languages of Euro-Asian communication (English and Korean).

The programme graduates are fluent communicators in two foreign languages and are active participants in business communication (take part in business meetings, make oral presentations, draft official documents and letters, translate and edit business texts, etc.); programme graduates ensure smooth cooperation between state institutions and private companies in international arena.

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Kristina Schimmels, Lecturer from the USA:
I think this programme prepares students for a life in the competitive job market worldwide. Students are able to study a variety of subjects that give them skills that are attractive to future employers. Class sizes are also small, so students are able to get to know their professors well and have the ability to get one-on-one help if they need it. The professors also have vast experience teaching and studying in different countries. Several of the professors are native speakers. Students are able to acquire a world-class education in Lithuania.

Programme typeBachelor's studies (university)
Field of study
Study areaHumanities
Degree awarded
Bachelor of Philology
Duration3,5 years
AccreditationCentre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education
Course languageEnglish
Starting dateSeptember 1st
Tuition fee EU students1800 EUR/per year
Tuition fee Non-EU students2160 EUR/per year

Entry requirements

In case your English language level is not sufficient, please choose English Language Minor studies. During the first study year students, who enter a major Bachelor study programme together with minor English language studies, will focus on language studies only. Upon completion of one year Minor English Language studies and reaching sufficient English language proficiency level international students will continue studies on their selected Major.

International mobility possibilities

2nd and 3rd year students actively participate in ERASMUS+ mobility programme which gives a possibility to study at a university abroad for 1 or 2 semesters and do internship in another country. Students of this programme have studied at the universities in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and have done internship in the UK, Cyprus and Spain.

Career prospects

The acquired education gives the programme graduates possibility to work in a wide variety of spheres – culture, education and information institutions (culture, education and information centres, media companies, publishing houses, tourism agencies, translation agencies), international organisations, units of state departments, municipalities and business companies which need specialists who are able to start and develop professional dialogue between representatives of different cultures.

Student testimonials

Diana Dulko, 2nd year student:
Language is one of the most important tools in order to communicate with people from all over the world. I always enjoyed learning new languages and I knew that this programme will be perfect for me since I’ll have an opportunity to learn two languages at the same time. We have native competent Korean language lecturers and that helps not only to learn language but also understand Korean culture better. Our classes are always interesting and useful. By learning English and Korean languages we make more opportunities for ourselves in the labor market. Moreover, we have a chance to spend a year abroad. Currently I am improving my English language skills in the United Kingdom. However, in my future I am planning to go to Korea to gain more knowledge there.
Justina Kšenevičiūtė, 3rd year student:
I have chosen the study programme of English and German for Specific Purposes because I have always been interested in the English language. I also wanted to learn a second foreign language. Now, when I am in my third year of studies, I can say that these studies have been extremely beneficial for me. Not only did I improve my language knowledge, but I also gained a lot of real life experience by studying abroad with Erasmus+ programme. I studied at Mannheim University, Germany, for one semester. These studies helped me to get to know the German culture, traditions and also to improve my German language skills. I saw and learned a lot in only one semester. I met people from all around the world with whom we will stay friends for life. I believe that if you study languages, you have to travel and live abroad at least for some time. I am very happy that Mykolas Romeris University gave me this opportunity. Our university has contracts with a lot of universities worldwide and students have all kinds of choices. This summer I am also travelling with Erasmus+ programme to Cyprus. I will have my internship there. I believe that this will be an amazing experience as well, and it will open positive opportunities for my future.
Robertas Padroštis, 3rd year student:
This programme was my primary choice because I had always loved the English language, while French seemed like an unusual challenge which I found attractive. While applying I was expecting to simply improve my language skills, but the programme in reality turned out to be so much more than that. Beside learning languages, we also learn about the history and culture of their users. During our classes of language for specific purposes, we study the terminology of business and law, and we also use them in simulations of real life situations relevant to the fields of business or law. The university constantly offers new opportunities for us to test our language skills, last year I participated in the SOART translation contest where we were translating poems by young London poets. I also spent a semester in France where I was able to improve my French and use it in real life situations. All these experiences build professional competence and give us life experience.
Dovilė Guigaitė, Graduate:
While learning at school I always had an intention to study foreign languages. Thus when I noticed a study programme called English for specific purposes and a second foreign language at MRU website I had no doubts about my further decision to choose this particular programme since it provided an opportunity not only to enhance the knowledge of general English language and learn English for professional areas as public administration, law, and business, but also to learn and master another foreign language from the scratch. Currently, I am able to understand and communicate in French fluently. As a philologist I took the opportunity to put all the knowledge I gained during my studies into practice when I decided to participate at the exchange programme ERASMUS actively maintained by our Institute which cooperates with foreign universities. After a semester spent in France, the internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, the Department of Lithuanians living abroad followed. During my practice I applied my competencies acquired at MRU and was able to have a closer look at the work of a state institution. All this incredible experience has become an excellent starting point after graduation. If I had to choose again, I would definitely choose this study programme!
Kristina Bagdonaitė, 4th year student:
For me, languages are a communication tool which opens possibilities to work abroad and to understand different cultures. That is why, I knew that by choosing this study programme I will learn something interesting and gain practical knowledge. I knew that I my education will translate into skills useful in daily life. This programme gave me an opportunity to spend one semester at the University of La Rochelle, in France. While abroad I worked on both of my foreign languages, English and French. I obtained valuable international experience and also met a lot of great people. And voilà, I got an opportunity to use my knowledge practically. In Cartagena, Spain, I was doing my internship as a language assistance at University of Cartagena. I know that I got everything I expected and even more.
Nina Nyløkken, 1st year student from Norway:
I have always had a special interest for languages and that is the main reason why I ended up choosing the study programme English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign Language. By taking this programme, I am not only deepening my knowledge of the English language but I also get the opportunity to learn German as my second foreign language. For me this was an appealing factor since it will give me competence in two languages. In addition, I selected Lithuanian for my elective study, so I really get the chance to broaden my knowledge of different languages.
I chose to study in Lithuania since I always wanted to study abroad and Lithuania is a country I already had visited and liked. The capital Vilnius is a very beautiful city and I feel that the people here are welcoming. I also feel at home at the university. Here I have met many other interesting students from different countries and I have been very lucky with my professors, which are all helpful and motivating.

Programme events

Programme teachers and students arrange various events every year – Literature club invites writers, translators and publishers for various discussions. Christmas parties become a regular mid-year event with home brewed talent shows. FLOWS student course paper conference and SOART poetry translation competition are among the most exciting spring events both for the students and teachers of the programme.

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Programme Director:

Dr. Liudmila Mockienė, e-mail: liudmila@mruni.eu

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