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5 March, 2024
March 11th – Restoration of Lithuanian Independence
MRU Library

March 11th – is about the freedom to be yourself, to travel. Lithuanians have long sought this freedom: in partisan warfare, in the dissident movement or simply by cherishing Lithuanian language every day.Let us take a closer look at this vibrant historical period that gave Lithuania the chance to escape from the Soviet yoke.

In the library’s exhibition space next to the Longish Reading Room, you will find books that illustrate the complex circumstances surrounding the Restoration of the Independence. We also invite you to read a new book “The 11th  of March, 1990: Restoration of the Lithuanian Indepecndence (Insights, drafts, documents)” The book is in Lithuanian, but it has a good summary in English.

We are grateful to those who saw the historical opportunity to break free from the Soviet rule. We are grateful to the parents who were not afraid to raise their children without warm water. We are grateful to everybody who did not panic when petrol stations ran out of petrol. A month after the declaration of independence, Gorbachev issued an ultimatum for Lithuania to give up its plans for independence. We did not give up. We endured the blockade. Now we can celebrate.  


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