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15 February, 2024
A New Book – “The Statutory Court”
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An interesting book on Statutory Court has arrived to out Library. It tells the story of Klaipėda Territory and its legal puzzles. At the end of the book one can find English Summary.

The Klaipėda Revolt took place in January 1923. The League of Nations accepted events and the Klaipėda Region was transferred as an autonomous territory to the Republic of Lithuania on February 17, 1923. After prolonged negotiations, a formal international agreement, the Klaipėda Convention , was signed in May 1924. The convention formally acknowledged Lithuania's sovereignty in the region and outlined its extensive legislative, judicial, administrative, and financial autonomy. However it did not state how the disputes between autonomous institutions and Lithuanian government had to be regulated. Therefore multiple disputes were transferred to the Permanent Court of International Justice. The book investigates these disputes as well as the circumstances in which the Stututory Court was created.


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