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As a graduate from Mykolas Romeris University, you are now part of a 1.000 people network. This network plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the University. We are committed to maintaining and developing relations even further after your graduation.

Join our Alumni network, get digital and be proud to be part of such a network!  

By joining the Alumni network, we will help you to connect with this community, as you will be able to:  

  • get in touch with your former classmates;
  • expand your network by finding new relations related to your work sphere or personal hobbies;
  • stay informed and participate in the events organised by the University or the members of the Community;
  • share your personal stories and see what the others are doing;
  • get involved in this community, by participating in the events, volunteering as a mentor, provide career advice, give lectures, become ambassador, etc. 

As a former student of MRU, we want to keep the connection and we offer you:  

  • access to publications available at the library;
  • participation at trainings organized by the librarians, and events taking place at the library;
  • access to online trainings;
  • monthly and weekly newsletters.

Students participating in the mentorship programme can expect:

  • continuous online communication with a mentor;
  • face-to-face meetings minimum 3 times per year;
  • take initiative in developing this relation;
  • practical advice for career and studies, valuable insights on career possibilities;
  • development of one’s personal network.

As a mentor, one can expect:

  • provide help and support related to career development;
  • provide feedback, suggestions or ideas on academic aspects (does not include doing mentees work).
  • develop leadership and support skills;
  • keep up to date;
  • sense of fulfillment and development of self-confidence;
  • develop one’s personal networks towards the new leaders’ generation.

Regulations of Mentorship system here.

Registration form

Contact person:

Being an ambassador you shall:

  • develop leadership and support skills;
  • expand your personal networks;
  • have an access to MRU online resources;
  • have an opportunity to participate in online trainings and conferences organized by MRU, free of charge.

The core role of the Alumni Ambassador is:

  • to answer student request of information in a timely manner;
  • to promote the University’s study programs and keep up to date with the changes;
  • to participate or help in organizing local events.

MRU Regulation regarding Alumni Ambassador here.

Registration form

Official list of Alumni Ambassador – Map

Another way to make a difference is to offer a work placement or internship to an MRU student so he or she could gain valuable work experience and accomplish a compulsory study course.

Benefits for the company represented:

  • have intelligent and motivated students join your team;
  • communication with youth brings gust of fresh air / means young and fresh ideas to the company;
  • efficient and cost effective for companies as no recruitment advertising or agency fees needed;
  • possibility to use on campus facilities, free of charge, to give presentations about placement opportunities within your represented company, organize job interviews, and the like.

Request for you as a mediator between the company and a practitioner:

  • appoint a Practice supervisor at the company;
  • brief the student about the requirements of the safety and health at work;
  • make sure a feedback on student’s practice is provided for the Practice Supervisor of the University.

Have an offer? We appreciate if you register it!

MRU is proud of its students and alumni. We would be very delighted to hear more about you, your accomplishments, and input in the society.

Perhaps the study programme you completed is completely different from your career, but you have insights in how this turned out to benefit you; perhaps there were challenges during your study years and now you have advice on how to deal with them. Your professional success story and personal experience might be extremely helpful and motivating to other students and  members of MRU community. 

We invite you to share your achievements, career directions and highlights since graduating, which will be uploaded on MRU website and monthly newsletter.

Register your story or simply send an e-mail to karjera@mruni.eu!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us by email karjera@mruni.eu.

Thank you for keeping in touch!

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