HISTORIC: MRU Law School Team is 1st & Only Team from Lithuania Taking Part in Pax Moot Ct. in Belgium - MRU

4 May, 2023
HISTORIC: MRU Law School Team is 1st & Only Team from Lithuania Taking Part in Pax Moot Ct. in Belgium
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May 3-5th, 2023, a team of students from Mykolas Romeris University's (MRU) Law School is participating in the PAX Moot Court event dedicated to international insolvency law held at Belgium's University of Antwerp.

It is a historic moment for MRU because it is the first time that a team from Lithuania is competing and taking part in the Moot Court event alongside teams from prestigious universities such as Italy's University of Bologna, Ghent University, University of Verona, University of Cologne, Groningen University, University of Vienna, Maastricht University and many others.

The MRU Law School Team includes the following students from the European and International Law Master's Degree programme: Anhelina Andrieieva (Ukraine), Ana Kiknadzė (Sakartvelo), Oksana Panichkovska (Ukraine) and Ivan Sukhorukov (Ukraine). The team is coached by MRU Law School Lecturer Dr. Remigijus Jokubauskas, who says this is a historic first not only for Lithuania, but also for MRU's Law School.

This year's PAX Moot Court's task is related to complex European Union (EU) international private law application issues: determining the jurisdiction of a cross-border civil case in the event of a dispute over non-payment for goods provided and damage to the company's reputation, the impact of the initiation of an insolvency case by one of the disputing parties on the consideration of a civil case in another in an EU-member state, gathering evidence in third countries and determining the applicable law in the dispute.

PAX Moot Court staging consists of two parts: written and oral. In the written part of the competition the participants have to prepare two procedural documents (claim and counterclaim). In the oral part, each team is given 40 minutes to present their arguments and lay out the case.

The event, PAX Moot Court, has been organized since 2012. During Moot Court, students solve various issues of private international law (determining the jurisdiction of the dispute, choosing the applicable law, gathering evidence, etc.). Students participating in this competition must apply EU legislation and other sources of international private law, interpret them and present a reasoned position.

More information about the PAX Moot Court event is here

MRU's Law School Team thanks the Law Firm of  "Sorainen“ for their support in preparing for PAX Moot Court.

PAX Moot Court is funded by the EU's Justice Programme.