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Living in a student house

Student House. How to Become a Resident?

Did you know that real student life begins when you enter the Student House with your suitcases? After all, the most important lessons of household life are learned here. Best friends are made here and the most memorable stories of student life take place here, which we have repeatedly heard about from older friends, parents, or grandparents.

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You can find more about MRU‘s Student House here.

Student Room – Create a Cosy Space!

The dormitory is a completely new experience.You will have to not only share a room with colleagues, but also meet roommates in the kitchen, shower area, corridors. It’s really fun, but you need to have your own space, and in order to enjoy coming back to your room, – it is worth taking care of what provides comfort! We share tips on how to ensure comfort without much effort and expense:

  • Soft, warm blanket. This is probably one of the most used items at home!
  • The object that provides home cosiness and warmth is a rug. Create the mood of the room with the help of colours and texture.
  • Take care of the lighting! When outside it is gloomy and grey, our mood changes, but everything can be improved with the help of light.
  • A plant. Even photos become more beautiful when we see plants in the background. Did you know that living plants are not only a great element of decor, but also an oxygen filter?
  • Curtains provide privacy as well as night lighting that you may need during the day to relax after a party or a sleepless night at the library.
  • One of the most popular student items only after moving to the Student House– storage boxes!

Meals in the Student House

What do you need to know before ordering food at the Student House?

Ordering food in the dormitory is easy! All you have to do is in the comments is ask the courier to inform you of his arrival, so you can meet the courier on the ground floor of the dormitory.

And, if the food is delivered before you return to the Student House, ask the courier to leave the order with the security guard on duty at the Student House (on the first floor of the dormitory).

We beat everything with music!

Did you know that researches has shown that listening to alpha waves makes the brain work more efficiently, making us more productive? Music inspires. It can even make you feel as the best chef worldwide! Enjoy your moments with MRU Spotify playlists!

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