Faculty of Law is implementing priority research area of Mykolas Romeris University for 2010-2014: “Societal innovations for global growth”. Therefore the researchers of the Faculty develop scientific research in all the major research programmes:

  • Justice, Security and Human Rights;
  • Information and Communication Technologies for Social Transformations;
  • Sustainable Socio-Economic Growth in the Context of Globalisation;
  • Advancing Employment Opportunities and Improving the Quality of Life;
  • Continuity and Change of Values in Global Society.

Participation in national research projects 2010-2015

  • "Development of “Two-Ray” Model and its Application on Investigation of Recorded and Latent Crime in Lithuania" (2010-2012), funded by Lithuanian Research Council, supervised by Assoc. prof. Alfredas Kiškis, phd.
  • "Limitation of the Freedom of Religion in Democratic Society" (2011-2012), funded by Lithuanian Research Council. Supervisor - Assoc. prof. Dalia Vitkauskaitė-Meurice, phd, researchers - Assoc. prof. Regina Valutytė, phd, lecturer Dovilė Gailiutė, phd.

Participation in national studies project 2010-2015

  • “Feasibility Study: Preparation of joint Master Study Programme in Interdisciplinary Comparative Law” (2011-2012), supervised by Prof. Justinas Žilinskas, phd.
  • “Preparation of Feasibility Study of Joint Study Programme” (2011-2012), supervised by Assoc. prof. Lina Novikovienė, phd.
  • “Application of Innovative Teaching Methods at Mykolas Romeris University“ (2010-2012), supervised by Assoc. prof. Janina Balsienė, phd.
  • "Preparation and Implementation of Joint Study Programme" (2012-2015), supervised by Assoc. prof. Lina Novikovienė, phd.
  • “Creation and Implementation of National Placement and Internship System for Students and Lecturers of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions” (2010-2013), coordinated by UNDP. Coordinator of academic mobility at the Faculty – Assoc. prof. Regina Valutytė, phd.

Participation in international research and studies projects 2010-2015

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