Tuition Fees

IMPORTANT: The tuition fees for EU citizens might increase. Final fees will be confirmed in the beginning of March 2020.

NOTE: During the following years of studies a student continues to pay the same tuition fee that was applied during the admission procedure.

Bachelor degree
Tuition fee for Non-EU citizens per 1 academic year (EUR)
Tuition fee for EU citizens per 1 academic year (EUR)
Financial Industry21601360
Informatics and Digital Contents (joint study programme with Dongseo University, South Korea)2880 |MRU|
$ 5600 |DSU|
$ 5600 |DSU|
Global Business and Modern Marketing 21601360
English for Specific Purposes and the Second Foreign language26401800
English for Specific Purposes and Korean studies26401800
Communication and Digital Marketing21601360
Multicultural Communication and New Media21601360
Social Work and Human Rights
Tourism management and Heritage21601360
Master degree programmes
Social Work with Children and Youth31202120
Financial Markets31202240
Informatics and Visual Contents (joint study programme with Dongseo University, South Korea)3420 |MRU|
$ 5600 |DSU|
$ 5600 |DSU|
Electronic Business Management31202240
Logistics Management3120
Business Administration (MBA)6240
2398 |MRU and VGTU graduates|
2398 |MRU and VGTU graduates|
Mediation (LLM)31202240
LegalTech (LLM)31202240
Law, Technology and Business (LLM)31202398
Business Psychology34203120
European and International Business Law3120
app. 350 |SMBU|
app. 350 |SMBU|
European Union Law and Governance31202240
Intellectual Property Law31202240 |MRU|
Private Law3120 |MRU|2240 |MRU|
International Law31202240
International Politics and Economics31202240
Public Relations Management
3120 |MRU|2240
Public Administration 3120 |MRU|2240 |MRU|
Strategic Borders Management--

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