Mykolas Romeris University offers accommodation for international students on campus – at student residence hall “Student house”- the twelve-floor modern building. It takes 5 minutes on foot to come to the main University building.  Get the impression in pictures.

MRU Student house offers shared rooms for two or three students, also single rooms. International exchange students are required to pay for the accommodation in advance for the entire semester at their arrival or during the introductory week (i. e. for all 5 months of the semester).

All the rooms have Internet access. The “Student house” is also equipped with a table tennis room for relaxation. Bathroom facilities are mostly shared by two rooms. There is one common use kitchen, meeting room, working room in each floor. Students are obliged to clean up and keep the order in the kitchen and rooms by themselves. Laundry room is also available for international students with extra charge.

Room configuration in the dorm: Each room has beds, a working desk, shelfs and a wardrobe. 

Blankets, pillows etc. are provided upon signing accommodation agreement.

All students, willing to get accommodation at the "Student house" are subject to The Rules for the Use of Students' Residence and Dormitories at Mykolas Romeris University.

For exchange or free-mover students, the reservation of a place at the “Student house” is made through the International Office. The Request of Accommodation may be found as part of On-line Application Form.

International degree-seeking students, apply for a place at the "Student house" by filling a relevant part of the Degree student application form.

Booking fee

Foreign students shall pay a booking fee of 100 EUR prior to moving to the “Student house” to the following bank account of the university (IBAN) - LT 85 7300010002492590. Name of the bank - SWEDBANK. Code of the dormitory payment - 101949. Payment purpose - address of the Student House (Didlaukio g. 57, Vilnius). Beneficiary - MYKOLAS ROMERIS UNIVERSITY. Address of the bank: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, LT-03502 Vilnius, Lithuania. Bank Code: 73000, SWIFT (BIC) Code: HABALT22

Payment should be made between July 1, 2020 - August 23, 2020

If a person paying is not the actual student it is necessary to write in whose favour was the payment done (student‘s name, surname, identification number).

Upon arrival one photograph is needed for the Student House permit, which will be issued by Students House Manager.

Students are represented by the Student House monitors council that supervises cleanliness and tidiness.

Student House Manager (Working days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Mrs. Nijolė Jansonienė

Assistant to Student House Manager
Mr. Audrius Preikša

Foreign students shall pay a booking fee, which will be used to cover part of accommodation fee for the semester, but will NOT be returned if the student failed to arrive.

Student is fully responsible for any damage done while living in the Student house (incl. common areas).

If Student did not extend the Agreement, he/she must vacate the room at the end of the Agreement without leaving his/her belongings in the Student House as specified in Student House Rules clause 30.16.
In order to check out from the Student House, student has to leave the keys to the security, clean the room and sign in the departure (check out) book. If student fails to complete these steps, it will lead to the disposal of all personal belongings left in the room.


The type of room in MRU Student House will be decided upon arrival.

How to pay for Student House?

Accommodation costs depend from the chosen room type:


Single room with private shower200* Eur/month
Place in double room with private shower100* Eur/month
Place in larger double room with private shower150* Eur/month
Place in triple room with private shower90* Eur/month
Single room170/185* Eur/month
Place in double room85/100* Eur/month
Place in larger double room105/120* Eur/month
Place in triple room70/85* Eur/month
Single room with private shower210* Eur/month
Place in double room with private shower110* Eur/month
Place in larger double room with private shower160* Eur/month
Place in triple room with private shower100* Eur/month
Single room195* Eur/month
Place in double room110* Eur/month
Place in larger double room130* Eur/month
Place in triple room95* Eur/month
Guest house 1 room200* Eur/month
Guest house 2 room block400* Eur/month

* Bedding: Pillow, blanket, pillowcase, blanket slip, sheet included
Important: Room change costs 5 Eur

Students can pay the accommodation fee directly in the banks or online via bank transfer. There are Bank link service agreements in place with Swedbank, SEB and DNB banks. Therefore, using the e-Banking services (paying on-line) in the mentioned banks all the necessary payment details are filled out automatically in the system. Fees paid through e-Banking services are set off the next day.
If students don‘t have the possibility to use e-Banking services, then they can print out the already created payment receipt and go to the bank to make the payment (we recommend to do that at Swedbank). Fees paid upon arrival to the bank are set off the next day.
The fee Receiver‘s (University) necessary details and fee details are in an electronic student book. 

Also, you can pay with cash to FoxBox machine, which is located on campus in MRU 1st building (1st floor, behind the security office).

  • Half of the monthly fee is refundable upon a student moving out before the 15th of the month (Student House Manager must be informed at least 1 month before).
  • Monthly fee is not refundable upon a student moving out after the 15th of a month.
  • Students and Residents who move in to the Student house before the 15th of the month, pay for the whole month, while those who occupy the place from the 15th of the month, pay half of the monthly installment. Please note that if You reserve a place at the Student house before 15th of the month, but move in after 15th of the month You will have to pay full month cost.

Laundry service in the dormitory

The laundry in the student dormitory is equipped with new machines. Located on the 1st floor it includes one washing machine and one dryer available for usage.
The prices are following:

We are aware that those facilities are limited that’s why here are some laundries in the neighbourhood you can check:
http://www.londris.lt/t-en - closest location to the dormitory is Stanevičiaus g. 44
http://www.savitarnosskalbyklos.lt/ - closest location to the dormitory is Šeškinės g. 26 or Kalvarijų g. 206
http://www.fejaskalbeja.lt/en/ - closest location to the dormitory is Kareivių g. 19

Currently a part of MRU Student House is under renovation.

Private accommodation

Some of students live outside the campus in the rented private apartments although it is at least two or three times more expensive than staying in the residence hall of Mykolas Romeris University. If an international student prefers to rent an apartment, the International Office may suggest to student some reliable real estate companies or private people who rent apartments for students.

  • Close to Mykolas Romeris University main campus (in 0,5 km at Ateities str. 9) ) there is a Baltupiai guest house "Baltupių svečių namai" which offers dormitory type accommodation in shared rooms by 2-3 persons. Room costs around 200-250 EUR. http://www.nakvyne24.lt/ 
  • Close to Mykolas Romeris University main campus (in 2 km at Jeruzales str. 21) ) there is a Hotel Simple which offers dormitory type accommodation in double and triple rooms. http://www.hotelsimple.lt/vilnius/en/

  • If you want to live closer to the city center you can choose to stay the Corner Hotel (in 9 km at. T. Ševčenkos str. 16) which offers dormitory type accommodation in single and double rooms.
  • Also you could choose to live the Studio Hotel which is located in different counties in Vilnius city. Contacts: info@studiohotel.lt, +370 670 27061

  • 1Home Student Accommodation has numerous shared international apartments all around the city with freshly renovated rooms. Weekly cleaning, flexible contracts, fixed prices, daily property management and customer service are among their services. – 1home.eu
    More information here
  • International company SpotaHome offers a platform for booking mid to long-term property on-line in various countries and cities including Vilnius. Company professional photographer visits each property before advertizing it on the platform, thus all photoes correspond the reality. More information at https://www.spotahome.com   and  here. Booking fee applies (there is a promocode available for a 20% discount off the booking fee for MRU International students - check here). 
  • 3* Apart-Hotel offers studio/apartments with PRIVATE kitchen 10 min. away from Old Town.

Flats for rent in Lithuania search engines (f.e):

Rental services for incoming exchange students are available from (f.e.):

Some websites useful for searching accommodation

  • Facebook groups, such as “Erasmus in Vilnius”,  “Foreigners in Vilnius”, you can ask for suggestion, rooms, flat to share and useful info.
  • http://www.oldtown-apartments.com/  - price varies according to the position of the flat 
  • https://www.cheapapartments-vilnius.com/students-accomodation-vilnius
  • http://www.rebaltic.lt/lt/for-rent/  (real estate agency)
  • http://vilniuscityapartments.com/
  • http://www.studyinlithuania.lt/en/living_in_lithuania/accommodation/howtofindaccommodation various information
  • Airbnb

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