Anthropology of Video Games

In these activities you will:

·       learn from the best professionals in their field;

·       spend time in the company of like-minded people;

·       get acquainted with the world’s largest and most expensive media;

·       learn how computer games affect people’s socio-cultural relationships and how games change established world norms!

By attending these activities, you will:

·       develop your emotional intelligence;

·       play in virtual reality;

·       learn the theory applying it in practice;

·       unleash your creativity;

·       meet new people;

·       have fun and enjoy quality time!

About the computer game anthropology session and its supervisor:

Artūras Zaveckas, who has many years of experience, leads the computer game anthropology activities. The supervisor believes that a person without culture is gradually losing form and social anchor, and a person without technology will not understand the future and social change. Artūras Zaveckas believes that technology and culture can go hand in hand, and computer games are probably the most perfect mix of these different poles. During the activities you will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also apply it in practice, find yourself in virtual reality, discuss with like-minded people and develop critical thinking, broadening your worldview.

These lectures are held in English!

Exact time and date will be announced later, it will be confirmed by the head of the activity.

The Head of the activity: Artūras Zaveckas